GoodOaks News | 12 January 2024

Role Spotlight: The Recruiter

Our recruiter Jacqui, shares some of the things she looks for when meeting new candidates in the initial interview stages. 

The GoodOaks Homecare difference

We at GoodOaks are creating the next generation homecare franchise. It is built on partnership, innovation and a deeply held commitment to transform the lives of families across the UK.

Our Founders’ (Ben and Darius) experience of working as homecare professionals prior to establishing GoodOaks has informed our focus on our People. Our unique model reflects the fact that quality care is provided by caring people empowered and supported to do the best job they can do. 

Across the GoodOaks network, you’ll find hundreds of people that share our values and are committed to our mission; “to be the go-to provider of quality care at home by valuing, developing and rewarding the caring people who work with us.”

We wanted to share with you some of the things that Jacqui will look for during the initial stages of your interview with us. Here she shares her thoughts: 

Confidence – Jacqui believes that confidence is not just about words, but also about body language. It sets the tone for the whole interview. “Confidence is so important in care, your client needs to feel assured and safe in your company.”

Warmth – The opening minutes of an interview are an opportunity to establish rapport and mirror the circumstances of meeting a client for the first time. “A genuine smile, a friendly greeting and an authentic interest all add to a feeling of warmth and helps me to feel confident that you will provide the same feelings to our clients.” 

Communication – Clear and articulate expression, active listening and the ability to convey thoughts concisely are non-negotiable traits. “Within the world of Homecare good communication is an absolute necessity, to ensure that the correct information is collected, stored and passed on effectively” 

Positivity – “I seek candidates that are optimistic and enthusiastic. A positive mindset not only indicates resilience, but also hints at an individual’s ability to navigate challenges and changes.” 

For more information about brilliant career opportunities please call Head Office Tel: 01202 757787 and ask for Jacqui. We look forward to hearing from you.