Companionship care

Alleviate loneliness with companionship care

GoodOaks offers companionship as a service for people who wish to remain independent but sometimes find it difficult being alone. Sharing experiences and enabling you to make the most of being in the community you love.

Companionship care professionals offer peace of mind, reassuring individuals that there is back-up available if required. When needed, both visiting homecare and live-in care professionals can provide a range of support and companionship, allowing people to start loving being at home again.

What our care professionals can help you with

A friendly face to talk to and keep you company


Taking you to appointments, socials events and family visits


Light household cleaning to help maintain your home


Planning and preparing home cooked meals

Meal preparation

Monitoring and support throughout the night

Night cover

Ordering and collecting your groceries


Mary’s Case Study

Companionship care

Mary contacted GoodOaks because she was feeling unsafe being alone in her own home. She was undergoing tests to determine why she was feeling unwell, and concerns for her health made her feel anxious. She wanted somebody to be there, who would be able to help if needed.

Mary wanted a live-in care professional to stay with her for a few weeks until she got the medical attention that she required. After an initial care assessment, GoodOaks matched her with Jane, a live-in care professional experienced in supporting individuals facing similar situations. Jane prepared fresh meals for Mary and took her to hospital appointments and to visit friends.

Mary was prescribed medication to manage her health condition. With Jane’s support, she regained her strength and confidence, enabling her to live at home on her own again.

“I felt safe having someone else in the house. It allowed me to relax and concentrate on getting myself better.”

What our clients say

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Companionship care is for people who don’t necessarily need any help with their personal care, domestic duties or physical needs, but they are suffering from loneliness and need a companion to keep them company, talk to and play games. Companionship care provides access to socialisation and helps to relieve feelings of loneliness.

You can receive companion care as little or often as you like. We can provide weekly, daily or monthly visits and can also match you with a live-in care professional for a more permanent companion.

When we match you with a care professional, we want you to build a strong, trusting relationship. You’ll develop a bond together so we try our best to ensure you’ll always see the same companion care professional.