Personal care

Personal care that helps you remain independent

We can help you with your morning routines - From assisting with getting up, washing and dressing to helping with medication, continence care and oral hygiene.

GoodOaks’ fully trained care professionals will tailor a care plan based on your needs and wishes, working to your routines. They can help guide you in light exercises recommended by physiotherapists. Providing companionship, they help you get out and about, arranging shopping trips, visiting friends and attending appointments with your doctor. They can also assist with prescription ordering and collection.

What personal care professionals can help you with

Providing assistance taking and reordering medication

Medication assistance

Helping you stay active and mobile

Helping stay active

Planning and preparing nutritious meals

Meal preparation

Helping with cleaning, shopping and laundry


Attending appointments or meeting friends and family


Getting you up and ready for the day


Ann’s Case Study

Personal care

Ann is a vivacious woman in her late seventies who had lived independently in her home for many years. She enjoyed gardening, baking (particularly, a classic Victoria Sponge), and spending time with her grandchildren (who very much liked eating the Victoria Sponge). 

However, as she aged, she began to experience health issues that made it increasingly difficult for her to manage on her own.

Despite her best efforts to remain independent and her family’s increased involvement, Ann’s health began to deteriorate and over a few weeks she experienced several falls in her home. Unfortunately, one of these falls resulted in a broken femur, which required extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

While Ann continued to recuperate and get her mobility back after her fall, Kate and Rachael met her in Hospital to talk through some extra care at home while she was on the mend. 

At that meeting, Rachael asked a lot of questions about Ann’s routine, what she struggled with, what her desired outcomes were, and what was important to her, as well as talking to Kate about what she was doing for her mum and how GoodOaks could fit into the existing, and extensive, support network. 

Rachael drafted a care plan that she shared with Ann and Kate. Ann added some detail about what was important to her about the care professional (they need to know their way around a kitchen, be able to use a cafetiere, and have a sense of humour) and Kate added some detail about how GoodOaks could also help with the weekly shop, so she could spend that time with her mum rather than doing a supermarket sweep. 

Rachael also popped into Ann’s home to check it was ready for her to come back to, and was safe for her and the care professionals.

A Package of Care was set up, and after careful consideration, Tracy was selected and introduced by Rachael when Ann was discharged.

Ann and Tracy made an instant connection over a shared love of baking, and they both learned a thing or two in the kitchen.

More importantly, with Tracy’s support and encouragement to do her exercises, Ann’s recovery was a lot faster than in hospital. She soon regained her strength and independence. Tracy doesn’t need to be with Ann as often now, but still helps with the weekly shop and checks in with her to make sure she is safe and well at home.

“Tracy’s care and support really helped Mum recover… she is now back to being her former self.”

What our clients say

Find out more about homecare

Personal homecare relates to care services that are provided to people in their own homes to help them with their daily activities and needs. Personal care can include things like assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming; help with medication management and reminders; assistance with mobility and transferring; and help with household tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, and meal preparation.

Our care professionals are all Dignity in Care registered and have been specially trained to provide a respectful service. Our care professionals do all of the following to maintain privacy and dignity:

  • Involve the individual and their family members in the care planning process, and respect their decisions and preferences.
  • Respect the individual’s personal space and boundaries.
  • Ask for permission before providing care, and follow the individual’s preferences and instructions.
  • Use appropriate language and avoid using words or phrases that may be offensive or embarrassing.
  • Provide care in a private and secure area
  • Use appropriate techniques and equipment to provide care
  • Provide care in a timely manner, and ensure that the individual has enough time to prepare for and participate in care activities.
  • Communicate openly and honestly with the individual and their family members, and provide support and education as needed.

At GoodOaks, our live-in personal care services start at £1050.00 per week for round-the-clock care of a single adult and £1,200.00 per week for a couple and our visiting care costs start at £19 per half an hour visit.

Personal care helps individuals to maintain their independence and continue to live in their own homes for as long as possible. By providing assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, personal care enables people to stay in their own home and live as healthy and normal a life as possible at a time when day-to-day activities can be a struggle.