Emergency homecare

Meeting emergency requirements – providing fast, responsive care

GoodOaks’ can meet emergency requirements, providing patients with fast, responsive care, delivered within 24-hours’ notice if necessary.

Once the care is in place, we work with you, or your loved ones, to create a structured care plan centred on your needs that works for you, whether that involves visiting homecare or live-in homecare.

Whether triggered by a family crisis, an accident, or carer illness, GoodOaks is able to step in quickly, making an assessment on the same day and starting the care package that day if required.

What personal care professionals can help you with

Running errands, organising groceries or collecting orders


Spending time with you so you don’t feel alone


Transporting you to appointments or social events


Cooking healthy home cooked meals

Meal preparation

Assistance with taking and reordering medication

Medication assistance

Monitoring and support throughout the night

Night cover

John’ Case Study

Emergency homecare

GoodOaks was contacted on Christmas Eve by John’s son who was struggling to care for his father, who had been very unwell and required support day and night. Although an NHS team was visiting four times daily, John’s son was feeling the strain of having to provide round-the-clock care on his own. He requested urgent support at night from a care professional, so that he could sleep and care for his father during the day.

GoodOaks undertook an emergency assessment on the same day and arranged for a night care professional to start that evening.

John’s son was able to care for his father during the day with the help of an NHS team, and his father was able to remain at home, where he wanted to be.


“GoodOaks prides itself on being able to support people requiring urgent care by rapidly developing and implementing an effective care package. This is something that makes us stand out from other care agencies.”

– Ben Ashton – Co-Founder of GoodOaks Homecare

What our clients say

Find out more about homecare

Emergency homecare is care which is provided in your own home by a care professional on short notice when you have a sudden change in circumstances. If you have recently become injured and have no one to care for you but are unable to carry out your every-day activities, or if your usual care professional has suddenly become unavailable due to a health problem, weather conditions or anything else, we can step in and provide emergency care within 24 hours.

An emergency homecare plan is a document that everyone who receives regular care should have in place just in case of emergencies. If your regular care professional becomes suddenly unavailable, an emergency care plan details everything you need help with, any conditions you may have, any medication you are taking and more so that the person taking over your care knows exactly what is required from them at very short notice.

There are many scenarios in which you or your loved one might require emergency homecare. If you have an accident which results in a loss of mobility, you’ll require a care professional at very short notice. If your regular care professional is suddenly out of action due to illness or transport issues, emergency care can cover you in the meantime. No matter the reason, our team are ready to step in and help at a moment’s notice.