Advice and Support for Family Carers

You Are Not Alone

Our campaign celebrates and supports the unseen, unheralded commitment that millions of people make to loved ones who struggle to cope at home.

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You Are Not Alone

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Caring Unseen: 1000 family carers share their experiences

We work in partnership with families everyday and witness the love, care and concern shown by worried family members who might not even think of themselves as ‘carers’.

To better understand the scale of the quiet crisis unfolding behind front doors across the country, we polled 1000 carers about their support, wellbeing, and perspectives about the future.

The results are stark, and demand action.

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Help at home

You Are Not Alone. We’re here to:

  • Join up families with local support services
  • Provide free local drop-in information sessions
  • Campaign for more family carer support
  • Provide free information guides written by experts
  • Interview experts across the sector to share ideas and advice
  • Talk through difficult situations via our ‘Book a Call’ feature
  • Raise awareness of the lack of support and advice available
  • Help health and social care colleagues to support families

We’re here for you

It can be overwhelming and isolating, and we believe there isn’t enough information, support and resources available for people needing extra help, and their loved ones. We are on a mission to help; through providing information sessions, interviews with experts, local knowledge, and helpful care tips.

Our “You Are Not Alone” campaign aims to address the lack of support and resources for individuals needing some extra help to remain independent, and their family carers.

GoodOaks, with its partnership approach, seeks to empower families and improve lives by providing essential support and celebrating the joy of staying at home.

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Join Emma, a Chartered Financial Planner at Baker Davies, as she shares invaluable insights into financial planning for care.

Finding the right care for you

In this enlightening video, Rachael shares invaluable insights into the challenges faced by individuals seeking care, especially in the initial stages of uncertainty.

Preparing for the future

Join us as we discuss preparing for the future with Joe and Cariad, Solicitors specialising in Wills, Trust and Probate from Steele and Raymond.

Caring for a loved one with Dementia: Sam and Rupert’s Story | GoodOaks Homecare

Join us to hear Sam and Rupert’s touching story and gain valuable insights into the world of family carers.

You Are Not Alone

of unpaid carers feel aren’t meeting the needs of their own health and wellbeing
feel they can’t maintain the current level of care they are providing their loved ones
feel unable to meet the needs of their loved ones
felt stressed in the last week, 50% higher than the general public
more likely to have felt lonely in the last week
did not have a good understanding of any care and support options