Organising care

How much does care cost?

It can be difficult to find information about the finances associated with funding your own care.

“Tracy’s care and support really helped Mum recover… she is now back to being her former self.”

Cost of homecare

Most homecare is charged by the visit. 30 minutes is generally the minimum length of visit, and the length of the visit depends on what you need support with. For example, you might need slightly longer to help with your morning routines than you do to help you make a light lunch. 

The care agencies’ fees are generally inclusive of all associated costs; staffing and payroll costs, mileage, PPE, and care management, such as assessments, reviews and spot-checks.

You’ll notice that shorter visits are relatively more expensive than longer visits, because there are fixed costs such as mileage and travel time that have to be reflected no matter the length of visit.

GoodOaks has a transparent pricing structure with no hidden costs, but some companies do charge extra for mileage, so it’s always worth asking. 

Costs fluctuate across the country, but as a guide, the prices below are a guide to the costs of our services:

Visiting homecare cost: Our homecare visits start from as little as £19 for half an hour.

Live-in homecare cost: Our priority is to provide the highest quality care, provided by committed, carefully vetted and trained professionals. Our live-in care services start from £1,100 per week.

Night care cost: Nights support normally is between 10pm to 7am, are generally start from £149 per night.

Home care costs

Cost of care homes

Research from LaingBuisson showed that the average care home fees in the UK are roughly £35,000 per year. 

However, people funding their care privately can expect to pay up to 50% more than the figure that local authorities negotiate with care homes. This is because they have greater purchasing power, meaning they can commission care cheaper than the cost of providing it. Some care homes therefore have to subsidise this by increasing their charges to private individuals. 

For a high quality care home, with good investment in the environment, and pay and conditions for staff, you can expect to pay up to £60,000, or more, depending on your health requirements.

Labour shortages, un-capped energy bills for businesses, and inflation are all meaning care home fees are due to rise substantially in the years to come.