Dementia care

Personalised dementia care

GoodOaks' specialist dementia care is provided with respect, empathy and warmth, allowing clients to remain in the comfort of their own home in familiar surroundings.

A change of environment and routine can be disorientating for people living with dementia; this is why we work with clients and their loved ones to produce unique care plans. These cover the support they require to feel confident and live their lives to the full. Our care enables people with dementia to live as normal a life as possible, maintaining a sense of independence and dignity. We help clients with memory assistance – this includes playing memory games that build their cognitive function.

What personal care professionals can help you with

Monitoring and support throughout the night

Night cover

Assistance with taking and reordering medication

Medication assistance

Spending time with you so you don’t feel alone


Support to get you ready for the day


Taking you to appointments, social events or to visit friends


Keeping your home clean and tidy


Andrew’s Case Study

Dementia care

When Andrew, a retired scientist, was diagnosed with dementia, his wife struggled to cope. A GoodOaks care manager assessed Andrew and his wife in their own home, and developed a dementia care package for them, which involved daily visits to prepare meals.

The GoodOaks care professionals formed a strong enabling relationship with Andrew and his wife, providing increasing support as their situation evolved. Companionship became a significant element of the care package, with audiobooks being provided for Andrew on topics that interested him. His wife benefitted from having the paper read to her. Both were taken out to shops and to attend appointments.

Over time the package of care increased further, with a live-in care professional providing the increasing support that they required. This meant that the couple, now well into their nineties, were able to retain their independence and remain together where they wanted to be – at home.

“The quality of care provided by GoodOaks has been exemplary. You have been caring and compassionate, always ready to go the extra mile and are now a much valued asset for both my parents and myself.”

– Andrew’s daughter

What our clients say

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Dementia care is a type of care that is provided to individuals with dementia, a group of conditions that affect the brain and can cause memory loss, cognitive decline, and changes in behaviour and personality. Dementia care can be provided in a variety of settings, including in the individual’s home. The goal of dementia care is to provide individuals with the support and assistance they need to manage their symptoms and maintain their quality of life.

If you’re in need of respite care for a dementia patient, our team has been specially trained in dementia care and can offer the respite you need. Simply contact us today, we’ll carry out an initial care assessment, create a care plan and book your care professional in for the times and dates you need them.

Dementia care planning is a technique that is used to assess and monitor the care required for individuals with dementia. The goal of dementia care planning is to improve the quality of care and support that individuals with dementia receive, making a bespoke plan which considers the areas that should be addressed throughout their time in care.