Respite care

Allowing family to take a much-needed break

We are standing by ready to provide packages of short-term homecare, delivered by trained care professionals when you need it.

At GoodOaks we believe that family carers must be able to take a break from providing long-term care for a loved one – this is essential not only for the carer, but also the care recipient.

Respite breaks can be either planned or unplanned, depending on circumstances. GoodOaks do not require an on-going contract for respite care, there is no minimum notice period – just a helpful and friendly team standing by to support you when and where you need them.

What our care professionals can help you with

Spending time with you so you don’t feel alone


Transport to appointments or to visit family and friends


Planning and preparing nutritious meals

Meal preparation

Monitoring and support throughout the night

Night cover

Helping you stay active and mobile

Helping stay active

Assistance with light household duties


Claire’s Case Study

Respite home care

Claire and her mother Edna have always been close. Edna came to the UK when Claire was a child, and they started a new life together. They lived 20 minutes away from each other and both had busy, fulfilled lives.

When Edna started having some memory lapses and issues with her balance, Claire took her to see her Doctor, who despite being sympathetic, wasn’t able to find anything obvious wrong on any tests.

A few months later, Edna’s condition had deteriorated somewhat, and had a fall at home that resulted in a fractured femur.

Despite an operation, Edna’s mobility unfortunately didn’t get back to where it was.

Not knowing which way to turn, Claire stepped in to the caring role and they both adjusted to the new situation and the demands it placed on them and their relationship.

After a few months, Claire began to struggle, and her friend convinced her to take a break for a week to recharge her batteries.

Claire approached GoodOaks after reading some reviews on which sounded similar to her situation. She initially visited Nadia, the GoodOaks manager, in the office, so as not to worry Edna unnecessarily.

After an initial meeting, Claire felt reassured enough to book a consultation and to have an initial care assessment. During this, Nadia talked with Claire and Edna about their routines, their likes (tea from a tea pot, 3 tea bags in the pot, pre-warmed, with a dash of milk and a plate of digestives) and dislikes (fish, of any variety).

A detailed, bespoke care plan was put together which would enable a GoodOaks care professional to understand exactly how Claire had been caring for her mum and her wishes for her care whilst she was away. We were able to match her with Vicky, a live-in care professional experienced in respite care. 

Vicky stayed for a night while Claire was still around to aid the handover, and Claire left the next morning, slightly anxiously.

While Claire was away, Vicky and Edna went out every day. Vicky prepared a variety of home-cooked meals (with no fish to be seen) and looked after the house.

Although Claire phoned whenever she wanted to check in, she also had access to the app GoodOaks uses to record the care that they provide, so she could check in on what was going on and reassure herself.

With Vicky’s support, Claire was able to focus on her own wellbeing, take the time she needed to focus on other commitments, and return to caring for her mum feeling rested and recharged.

Vicky is booked in for another three months’ time, when Claire’s nephew is getting married (in Greece!)

What our clients say

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Respite care is a type of short-term care that is provided to individuals who are unable to care for themselves. The goal of respite care is to provide the regular caregiver with a temporary break from their caregiving responsibilities, and to give the individual receiving care the opportunity to receive the support and assistance they need from a trained and trusted professional. 

Respite care can be as long or short as you need it to be. In general, respite care can be provided for a few hours, a few days, or even several weeks, either as a live-in or visiting care service, depending on the individual’s needs.

To get respite care from GoodOaks Homecare, simply get in touch with us today and we’ll take you through the whole process, from the initial assessment to arranging your care professional for the days, weeks or months that you’ll need them.