After hospital care

After hospital care that rebuilds your independence

We can help you with the skills you need to live your life as you did before going into hospital.

We understand that you may have been released medically from hospital – but that you and your family still worry how you will cope when you get home. Our care professionals have extensive experience providing home from hospital care. They gently encourage clients to do as much as they safely can for themselves, while helping with the things they find challenging.

The home from hospital care we provide is also known as ‘reablement care’, because it focuses on helping you to re-learn the skills you need to live independently at home. We will guide you on tasks such as cooking, cleaning, getting washed and dressed and getting around the house.

What our care professionals can help you with

Getting you up ready for the day


Support and monitoring during the night

Night cover

Providing assistance taking and reordering medication

Medication assistance

Helping with cleaning, shopping and laundry


Spending time with you so you don’t feel alone


Planning and preparing nutritious meals

Meal preparation

Ken’s Case Study

After hospital care

Ken had always been a fiercely independent man who prided himself on being self-sufficient. He never liked the idea of relying on others for help, and the thought of needing assistance made him feel like he was losing his dignity.

He lived in a flat in a retirement block, and had a good social life and weekly routine that he enjoyed. Unfortunately the warden noticed Ken was not quite right, and after phoning the doctor, Ken was taken to hospital for further tests.

He was in hospital for three weeks, and despite Ken being very keen to leave, he had to have someone around while he was on various new medications and was regaining his lost mobility.


Ken was discharged to live with his daughter and son in law, who had been given GoodOaks’ details by a member of the hospital team. GoodOaks developed a flexible reablement care package for him, which included care visits twice a day, working in partnership with the rehabilitation team, and his family.

Ken insisted that he didn’t need someone to wait on him hand and foot. And we agreed; GoodOaks’ aim was to improve Ken’s confidence and ability to again manage his morning routine independently. The reablement programme encouraged Ken to do as much for himself as possible, whilst helping with tasks that he still found difficult. This flexible service evolved as Ken’s strength improved.

Continuity of care is vital for a package like this, with care professionals understanding what Ken was capable of doing, and where he was struggling. 

Following initial visits twice a day, Ken became more confident, his support was reduced to a single care visit in the morning. As he continued to improve, relearning skills, with the help of GoodOaks and the rehabilitation team, he managed to do more by himself. As a result, his requirement for care was reduced to only two visits a week.  

Ken, despite being initially sceptical about the concept of having strangers looking after him at all, started to joke that he’d miss their visits, and they should just pop in for a chat. After another few weeks, he moved back in to his flat and his Bridge partner was very pleased to have him back!

What our clients say

Find out more about homecare

The type of care that you’ll need after being discharged from the hospital will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. In general, after hospital care may include a range of services, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitation services, personal care, and home health care. You may also need support with general activities, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, and may require assistance with medication management and reminders. We will conduct a full care assessment to understand how we can best help you transition back to life at home.

The length of time that you will need after hospital care will vary depending on your individual needs and circumstances. Some people may only require a few weeks of after hospital care, while others may need several months or even longer. We consider a number of factors such as the severity of your condition, your ability to recover and regain functional abilities, and the support and resources already available to you.

After hospital care can typically be arranged at any time during your hospital stay so that your care professionals are with you from the moment you leave the hospital, or after you have been discharged from the hospital. Contact our friendly team to arrange after hospital care today.