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Live-in Care that’s designed around you

Care provided by highly-trained, trusted professionals, who stay with you in your own home.

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live-in care

What our clients say

If remaining safe at home means receiving greater support, live-in homecare is a solution you can trust. A care professional will stay with you in your home, helping to run your household, providing personal care, home-cooked meals and companionship.

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Informal Care Introductory Care
Regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission
The CQC monitors and inspects regulated care services to ensure that the service provided meets certain standards in five key areas; whether the service is Safe, Well-led, Responsive, Caring and Effective.
Care shaped around you and your routines
Good person-centred care should adapt to fit in around your life, needs, and wishes. Care in your home offers the opportunity to continue living life the way you want; doing things you want, how you want, when you want.
Employed, trained and managed care professionals
Managed live-in care providers organise experienced professionals who are vetted, trained and competency assessed before they step foot in your home. The provider is responsible for managing these professionals, organising holiday cover, running payroll, and providing further training and ongoing support.
No need for a big distruptive move
Although having a live-in care professional staying with you at home can be an adjustment, not needing to go through the stress and strain of a disruptive move at a key point in your life can help you to remain independent.
Regularly reviewed and monitored care plans
A managed live-in care service will undertake a thorough consultation with you to create a detailed and bespoke plan of how your care professional will support you. This plan will be regularly monitored and updated as we learn more about you or if your needs change.
Ability to keep your pets and belongings with you
Pets and belongings can be a huge part of your life. From the piano you can’t be parted with, to your cat who has been with you through hard times and good, they can shape our identity and give our lives meaning. Managed live-in care recognises and honours the importance of the emotional connections that sustain us.
Client and care professional matching service
Having someone else temporarily live with you can be daunting, but knowing a little more about this person, and the shared interests and personality traits can help. GoodOaks live-in care professionals are matched to clients with a bespoke process that looks at the hobbies, backgrounds, experience and traits that make people who they are.
Stay in the comfort of your own home
When you are not feeling well, being in a familiar environment can be a source of comfort and stability, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. Being able to control your living space and maintaining your privacy helps to maintain your sense of dignity and agency in the face of challenges you face.
Number of different carers per week
The best care is provided by professionals who have built a deep, lasting and enabling relationship with their client. Live-in care professionals have the time and space to properly understand their client’s needs and wishes, and can proactively make sure their needs are being met.
6 1 10 1
Estimated cost per week of equivalent services
Costs can vary widely. Having one-to-one care at home is equivalent to the very best care homes, who can afford to pay for better staffing ratios and have the time and culture to spend time with their clients, which unfortunately can be prohibitively expensive and difficult to find. Introductory agencies have less overheads as they have less onerous quality assurance and safety checks due to being unregulated and not an employer, but not always.
£700 £1225 £1500 £1250

How it works

We set up an initial meeting to assess your needs and answer your questions. We then work with you and your loved ones to find a live-in care professional with the right skills and personality. Our care team is a diverse group, from a variety of care backgrounds, so we are able to ensure there’s a good fit.

We are experienced at introducing live-in care professionals into our clients’ lives and homes. We will respect your daily routines – times when you want to get up, have your meals and go to bed. We will ensure that you remain in control of your care and support at all times.

In acute situations, where you need attentive care, 24-hours a day, GoodOaks can provide a team of care professionals able to deliver round-the-clock support.

GoodOaks live-in care professionals

GoodOaks employs and trains all of its live-in care professionals in-house, ensuring they achieve our highest quality standard. Each one is a registered Dignity Champion, having made a commitment to put dignity and respect at the heart of their care delivery. We actively manage the care that we provide, and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) fully regulates our care operation.

Live-in Care FAQs

Live-in homecare is a personalised and flexible alternative to residential care. GoodOaks live-in care professionals stay with you at home day and night, often for at least two weeks at a time. Your live-in care professional can help with the running of the house as much as desired, as well as provide personal care and companionship.

With our help, clients are able to stay in familiar surroundings that they have spent their lives shaping. Our live-in care professionals adapt and work to support you in your own home, so you can keep your independence and possessions, family and pets around you no matter what your situation.

The cost of live-in homecare depends very much on your specific needs. If you require basic care and companionship, this will cost less than a more specialist level of care, such as physical disability care. 

Our live-in homecare prices start from £1050.00 per week for 24/7 care of a single adult and £1,200.00 per week for a couple.

There are a few funding options which may enable you to more easily afford live-in care. You might be eligible for local authority care funding, so speak to your local authority or contact us to find out more. Alternatively, you might qualify for NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC) if your care needs are directly related to health issues.

Live-in care professionals have a wide variety of responsibilities, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal care – helping you with day to day tasks such as washing yourself and getting dressed.
  • General housekeeping – our care professionals are hands on with cleaning of the home, washing your clothes, running errands and looking after your pets.
  • Dietary needs – Cooking your meals and going shopping for you to make sure you have everything you need to stay happy and healthy.
  • Mobility support – Everything from helping you get around the house to assisting you with days out, going to appointments or meeting friends.
  • Medical care – Whether you need continence care or help with your medication, our live in care professionals are fully trained and ready to help.
  • Job support – Providing the help you need to continue doing your job or getting an education.
  • Companionship – Our live-in care professionals are there to make you smile, have a good conversation and build a long lasting relationship with you.

Anyone who wants a live-in care professional must be able to provide a spare room for them to live in.

Live-in homecare is ideal for adults over the age of 18 who want an alternative to a residential care home. Private live-in homecare allows you to carry on living in the home you love. It provides companionship for the elderly and it enables people with dementia or other medical conditions to live a more comfortable life.

You might require full time live-in homecare, or just temporary homecare after an operation. Whatever you need, our live-in care professionals are here to fit into your lifestyle and meet your specific needs.

Live-in care professionals do get time off, including a set number of hours each week and pre-booked holiday time each year. Their time off is scheduled around your lifestyle, and cover care (or respite care) is provided during your live-in care professional’s time off.

Live-in care professionals don’t have specific set hours of work, as their responsibilities depend entirely on the level of care required. Live-in care professionals do, of course, need 8 hours sleep per day and need to fit in an hour or two as breaks throughout the day, which they work around the hours they are supporting you.

Finding the right live-in care professional to meet your specific requirements can be difficult. You may require specialist medical assistance, or just want someone from a particular background who you feel you would get along better with. We make the entire process incredibly easy. Book a free consultation and we can do all the hard work of finding your ideal care professional for you.

Unlike a regular agency, we continue our relationship with you after we find your care professional, ensuring you have someone to contact if you have any questions about your care, which gives you total peace of mind. Every client is treated as an individual to ensure they are happy with their bespoke service.