GoodOaks News | 8 November 2022

Respite Care – explained

Respite Care - explained

Respite Care is a temporary period of care cover. It has many benefits and we receive respite care enquiries from families for a number of reasons.

Respite care can be a brilliant way of bringing in some extra help to cover a period when a person’s normal care isn’t possible. It might be that family or friends are going on holiday and aren’t able to pop in while they are away.

Sometimes, families and friends organise respite care so that they can have a break, to recharge and take some time for themselves. Perhaps you need to organise respite care for one of your parents, so that the other can have some time to look after their own health.

People in this position often feel guilty for needing some time out, but it is very important that carers do look after their own wellbeing. Caring for a friend or family member is hard work and it is vital that carers take time to look after themselves too.

If your loved one needs an operation and will need care afterwards as they recover, respite carers can help provide some extra reablement support during that time.

Respite Care with Good Oaks

We offer Respite Care for a minimum of two weeks at a time. We’ll come to your loved one (whether that’s to their own home or to hospital) to do an assessment, and organise a good time to visit their home, so that we can put together a care plan.

We’ll have a chat with your loved one about what they would like the care to achieve and ensure this is the focus of the care plan. It might be that they would like support until they feel strong enough to manage themselves again, or until they are able to move around comfortably. Our carers will be on hand to look after them until they feel themselves again.

We can also work with you to regularly provide respite care for your loved one. It might be that you need to run errands a couple of times a week and need us to provide some extra support at home during this time.

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