Live-in Carer

Live-in Carer


Live-in Carers have a special role in their clients’ lives. Living with the client for at least one week at a time means that the relationship between Carer and client has time to develop into a professional, enabling one that supports clients to stay in the home and community they love.

Companionship is a big part of the role; we not only help clients stay in their own homes, but to live their lives in a way that they want. Be this helping them with the crossword, visiting the local park a few times a week or helping them keep in touch with friends or families, the live-in carer plays a vital part in clients loving their lives.

Live-in Care is a challenging role, and one that is unlike most other roles. When you are on placement, you can be on-the-go throughout the day, apart from the daily scheduled breaks.


Would I suit this role?

Live-in Carers need emotional awareness to know when to give their clients space and when they are needed. Patience and understanding are essential to be able to support the large variety of needs clients have.

Live-in Carers work with a large variety of clients; from those just looking for a little extra help and companionship to those with dementia, physical disabilities, frailty or other medical conditions. Being calm, flexible and able to respond to circumstances as they unfold are skills Live-in Carers need.

Because placements last for a minimum of a week, Live-in Carers need to be able to put their own activities and lives on hold during the length of their placement. Placement patterns are flexible at Good Oaks, but working two weeks on, two weeks off is common. A car isn’t essential for the role.


The role of a Live-in Carer is a great opportunity to be not only a person who cares but also a daily companion, encourager and supporter.

Jane - Live-in Carer
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What roles were you in before this role?

Over the years I worked in various admin roles before becoming a live-in carer in 2001. Having spent the last fifteen years as a live-in carer I can honestly say that I have found this role the most rewarding one I’ve had.

I have enjoyed fifteen years of live-in care in many different ways. Caring for an individual over a period of time has allowed me to get to know them and their families.


What does your job look like on a day-to-day basis?

As well as assisting with washing, dressing, and medication, providing general conversation, companionship and encouraging various activities such as crosswords, puzzles etc, having friends to tea, and promoting independence is all part of a day’s work. Not to mention preparing the meals, the highlight of the day, and doing the shopping.


What do you enjoy about it?

Loneliness is a burden many of our elderly folk quietly bear and I see the role of a 24/7 live-in carer as a great opportunity to be not only a person who cares but also a daily companion, encourager and supporter.


Is there anything you find challenging about it?

Being responsible for the quality of life an individual experiences each ‘24/7 day’ has been the overall challenge that has motivated me to do this kind of work for so long.

Balancing the role of carer with the smooth running of their home as well as maintaining the general happiness and well-being of the client has been the daily challenge of 24/7 live-in care work that has kept me going.


What would you like to do in the future?

As far as the future is concerned I will continue to promote the welfare of the elderly and the importance of family life in whatever way I can.


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