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How to have a digital Christmas in 2020

How to have a digital Christmas in 2020

How to have a digital Christmas in 2020

We all know that Christmas 2020 will be a very different experience to the ones we have had before. With Government restrictions in place to combat the threat of Coronavirus (Covid-19,) this Christmas is likely to be a much quieter affair than normal. However, that doesn’t mean we need to turn off the Christmas tree lights and scrimp on the fun! Here is our easy guide to having a safe, socially distanced and fun digital Christmas with your elderly friends and relatives.

It’s good to talk

Get connected in advance. Make sure you set up elderly friends and relatives with easy to use tablets and smart devices, so that getting in touch is just a click away. Video apps like Zoom, Skype or Facebook Portal allow people to connect face to face and be together even when we have to be apart. Our Good Oaks carers can help your loved ones get online and make sure you stay connected this festive season – let’s face it, we can all do with a virtual hug this year!

Tis the season

Make a Christmas calendar for your older family members of when you will call in – either virtually, or as part of your support bubble. You could put notes with activities you will do that day into it, so there’s always something fun to look forward to. It could be a video call with the grandchildren, a drive to see the festive lights in town or a socially distanced sherry and mince pie in the garden.

Get creative

Elderly relatives might not be able to see their grandchildren and relatives due to how support bubbles and Covid-19 tier restrictions will work this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be together. Why not have a video call and do a virtual carol service together, make biscuits or sweets together or read a bedtime / Christmas story? It’s a great excuse for the grandchildren to practise their reading too, or why not drop round some cupcakes and enjoy a doorstep chat if you live close-by?

Play it by ear

Carol concerts will be different this year, but perhaps there’s a live stream of a service you could help a relative to watch. Sites like You Tube have some recordings of carols and streams of operas or the Royal Opera House has performances to download and watch.

Turkey with all the trimmings

The rule of no phones and tablets at the table will definitely be out of the window this Christmas lunch. Many older people won’t be able to join a big Christmas family dinner, but why not set a place for them at the table and pop a tablet there so they can join via video call? Whatever you do, this year will be different, but we can still make it magical and fun.

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