GoodOaks News, Homecare News | 8 November 2022

GoodOaks Homecare Abingdon and Didcot opens its doors and creates new jobs in the community.

Good Oaks Home Care Abingdon and Didcot opens its doors and creates new jobs in the community.

“We have seen what good care looks like and we can’t wait to make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

GoodOaks Homecare Abingdon and Didcot opens its doors and creates new jobs in the community.

A husband-and-wife team who changed careers and countries in the Pandemic have just opened their new care company in Didcot.

GoodOaks Homecare Abingdon and Didcot, opened the doors to its new office in Southmead Industrial Park Didcot, earlier this month, and has just been given its registration by the Care Quality Commission (CQC.) The company provides quality live-in and visiting care to people in the area – helping them to live healthier, happier and more independent lives in the comfort of their own home for longer. The company is currently expanding its team and plans to bring dozens of quality jobs to the local economy this year.

Alan and Jan had been in the construction management and tourism industries respectively their whole lives until 2019. With the economic situation deteriorating in their home country of Zimbabwe, Alan came to the UK and worked in the care industry for more than a year. It was there that the spark of the idea to start his own care company came from, but it was a link to his home country that gave him the final confidence to take the plunge and start up his company.

Alan and Jan, 50 and 56, moved to Brightwell Baldwin, Oxfordshire, in January 2020 with their two sons. Jan continued to work in tourism, a career she had been in for 30 years. When the Pandemic hit, sadly she lost her job, and the pair teamed up to provide a delivery service driving around the Oxfordshire countryside, while they dreamed of starting their new care company.

Alan had been searching for the right company and found GoodOaks Homecare. He said he laughed when he found it, adding: “In Zimbabwe, an oak is slang for a person, so you’d say, ‘he’s a good oak.’ It made me laugh that the company was called GoodOaks, and it stood out in my mind when I was researching companies.”

In another twist of fate, GoodOaks co-founder Ben Ashton’s parents are also from Zimbabwe.

Alan and Jan are now hoping to bring GoodOaks excellent care standards and industry-beating rates of carer pay to the Didcot and Abingdon area. Alan said: “For us, it’s about making a difference to people and supplying good quality care. I realise from my time as a carer, just how important good care and good processes and communications with the team and clients are. We know the care we want to provide and the care we don’t want to give. We want to be in touch with the carers and the clients, be proactive and make a positive difference in people’s lives. I believe we can stand out and make a difference.”

The GoodOaks Abingdon and Didcot team are looking to hire carers to help them make a difference in the local area. GoodOaks offers industry-leading rates of pay, excellent training, mentoring and career progression. For more information and to apply visit