What to ask during the initial care assessment

Although the assessment is often billed as the care provider learning about you, it is a chance for you
to get to know them, and to make a decision as to whether you’d like to work with them. Some
important questions to ask would include:

  • The outcome of their latest Care Quality Commission report (you can always visit
    www.cqc.org.uk to confirm).
  • How many different staff will be visiting you
  • How much the care costs, and whether there are any hidden costs, such as mileage or
  • About their induction process, and what topics they train their staff in
  • Will you have a key-worker
  • How often are the reviews

Remember that this meeting is no-obligation, and you do not need to go with the first provider you
meet. Care is so important that you need to be sure and confident in the integrity and
professionalism of your provider.

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