GoodOaks News | 19 April 2024

You Are Not Alone: Our national campaign is now live!

Introducing our new campaign that highlights the lack of information, resources, and support for family carers.

You are not alone

After months of careful planning and hours of preparation we are excited to announce the launch of our new campaign You Are Not Alone. Our campaign aims to support the millions of family members who are supporting someone they love, who struggles to cope day-to-day at home. 

You Are Not Alone celebrates and supports the quiet, unseen, unheralded commitment that millions of people make to support their loved ones whilst juggling their own family and work commitments. It can be overwhelming and isolating, and we believe there isn’t enough information, support and resources available for people needing extra help, and their loved ones.

To inform our campaign, we asked 1000 people who are currently providing care for their loved ones, questions about their wellbeing, awareness of support available, and thoughts about the future. Some of the stats were alarming, for example: 62% of unpaid carers have felt stressed in the past week – 50% higher than those of the general public, and 55% of unpaid carers felt unable to meet their own wellbeing needs. This is fueling our pledge for change

We are on a mission to help; through providing free information sessions, interviews with sector experts, local knowledge, advice and care tips. We have also implemented a helpline at HQ for anyone who needs extra support or has any questions about care. We are dedicated to helping change the lives of the families in our communities.

Topics we’ll cover: 

  • Nutrition and hydration – Supporting optimal health for family members at home
  • Balance and mobility – Understanding balance and fall prevention
  • Helpful tools for the home – Gadgets, aids and technology to support life at home
  • Funding care – Knowing your options and what you’re entitled to
  • Dementia care – In depth guide to caring for someone with dementia

The campaign has been backed by Damien Green MP, Chair of Health and Social Care Select Committee who said “Many of these unpaid carers do not think of themselves in these terms. They are simply doing their duty, and often demonstrating their love, for their closest companions, whether they are spouses, parents, or near relatives. There are more than ten million of them in this country, and they are some of the quiet heroes of our society.”

GoodOaks Co-Founder, Ben Ashton commented “As a homecare provider, we understand the stresses, strains, highs and lows, of caring for a loved one. There is no greater privilege and responsibility. We’re on a mission to empower loving, worried families and those looking for care – using our partnership approach and local knowledge to help improve people’s lives and celebrate the joy of being in the home they love.”

To download our free guides and to read more about our campaign click here.