Our story

The homecare company founded by care professionals

From caregiving to leaders in care. We’re an award-winning homecare company focused on providing quality care to individuals in their own homes.

About Good Oaks Home Care

In 2011, two hard-working care professionals, Ben and Darius took a long, hard look at the care agencies where they were working, and the services that they provided. They decided there must be new ways, better ways, to provide care, communicate with clients, set out care packages and keep families involved.

They understood the privilege of stepping through someone’s front door into their home, and the responsibility that comes with that; to protect the client and provide what they need with respect, empathy, and warmth.

Ben Ashton, Co-Founder

“We’re on a mission to be the go-to provider of quality care at home by valuing, developing and rewarding the caring people who work with us.”

Ben Ashton - GoodOaks Homecare

Darius Mitkus, Co-Founder

“Our partnership approach means we work with you, your family, GPs, District Nurses and other healthcare professionals to form a team dedicated to providing care shaped around you.”

Darius Mitkus - GoodOaks Homecare

Employing caring people and caring for them with the same principles as we would a client has been key to developing this culture throughout GoodOaks. Being a respectful, ethical employer, giving care professionals certainty in their income, work schedules and ability to progress their career all enable GoodOaks to provide a unique style of care that has become known as the GoodOaks Way.

The GoodOaks Way

We are our People. Our People share our values and form our culture.

We are the People stepping through our clients’ front doors every day. The People making the tea, building relationships, administering medication and keeping clients safe. 

We take pride in our People and have shared values; Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Empathy. We recruit and reward our People based on their match with our PRIDE Values. 

Our People are the core of our Mission: To be the go-to provider of quality care at home by valuing, developing and rewarding the caring people who work with us.

We love technology, from apps that let family members read our care professionals’ notes, to tracking care miles for our carbon offsetting. But we are decidedly, pointedly, not a tech company. We’re a People company. 

The homecare sector doesn’t like talking about its’ climate impact. Combining our data and national analysis, the homecare sector emits 484,000 of tonnes of CO2 every year. 

The sector often uses care professionals’ own, sometimes older, cars. Stop-start journeys often at peak time also add to the carbon footprint.

Climate change is the defining crisis of our time, and we are already seeing its effects. That is why we have made our Carbon Neutral pledge. Since 2019, we have measured, reduced and offset all of our carbon emissions associated with our business; from care professionals’ journeys to office emissions.  

We have offset hundreds of tonnes of CO2 and invested thousands of pounds in green projects and tree planting. We plan our care professionals’ days using software that helps calculate the most efficient route, and are currently scoping free electric charging stations at our offices.

We only have one planet, and we are proud to be the only homecare company (that we know of) that gives people a carbon-neutral choice for their homecare provision and careers.

Everything we do, we do in partnership. Our unique Partnership-led Care approach means that we see clients and their loved ones as the experts in their lives and conditions, and work alongside them to fill the gaps in their existing support network. From developing a care plan to helping someone get discharged from hospital, we work proactively and holistically with the clients’ whole support network.

This means:

– We take the lead from clients and loved-ones, and help to fill in the gaps, big or small.

– We provide an app for clients and their loved ones to access their care records, assessments and notes.

– We are there for the whole support network, and work as part of a team.

Our Partnership-led Company is powered by our local franchise partners, who own and lead their own company in partnership with the care experts in our support office based in Poole, Dorset. 

These caring entrepreneurs leading their local companies are passionate about supporting their People to provide exemplary partnership-led care to their local clients.