Homecare News | 15 November 2023

What is person-centred care and how does it work in live-in and visiting care?

Everyone is an individual with unique needs, thoughts and feelings about how they want to be cared for and what they need to enjoy a happy and independent life.

What is person-centred care and how does it work in live-in and visiting care?

What is person-centred care and how does it work in Live-in and Visiting care?

At GoodOaks Homecare our aim is to ensure that our clients are always at the centre of their care. we work with clients, their families and healthcare providers to create a personal care package of support that is individual to them.

Person-centred care is at the heart of everything we do because we believe that to treat someone with dignity and respect you have to involve them (as well as their loved ones if appropriate) in all aspects of their care. This is especially important for clients who may have additional needs because of a disability, whether that is a hidden disability like dementia or a physical disability.

The GoodOaks Homecare approach

We work with our clients, their families and loved ones, GPs and health services to create a care plan that is meaningful to you. This encompasses everything about the person’s care but is so much more than that, including taking a full history of the client, together with understanding what outcomes they wish to achieve from their care. Risk assessments are carried out to make sure the care plan is safe and effective. Then a team is built around that care plan and what will be needed for that specific client’s needs. For example, we always try and find people care professionals who have common interests so there is always some common ground to talk about – whether that’s football, a love of knitting, puzzles or even dancing.

The wants and needs of the individual are reviewed to ensure that all care professionals are given any specialist training they may need to deliver an outstanding service to the client. So, for example, if a client has a stoma (*a surgically created opening in the abdomen to divert the flow of faeces or urine,) the team will receive special training on how to manage this care. The same would be done for a client who needs a complex hoist mechanism to help them in and out of bed or any other specialist equipment.

While our care professionals are trained for a huge variety of conditions, we believe that the best way to provide quality care, is to ensure the care team understand the client’s needs and are training accordingly.

Helping carers with disabilities

Similarly, we work with care professionals who themselves have disabilities, so it is important that the care professionals needs are also considered when matching them to clients.

It’s the little things that make a big difference

We take care and pride in providing care with dignity and respect, for us, it’s about recognising the small things that make a huge difference. For example, if a client has problems swallowing, we will ensure that all medication is in liquid form, and our coffee mornings at HQ are held downstairs to make them easily accessible for everyone. Things like these are small measures, but they are really appreciated and add to the inclusive nature of our work.

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