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Time to Talk Day – Feb 3, 2022

Time to Talk Day - Feb 3

Time to Talk Day – Feb 3rd, 2022

Time to Talk Day is the UK’s biggest mental health conversation – the idea is to bring people together to talk about their mental health and check in with each other. This year’s event, (held on Feb 3rd,) created by the charities Mind, Rethink Mental Illness and the Co-op, seeks to include workplaces, schools, friends and families to bring everyone together. From texting a friend to see how they are to hosting a team event in your community, you can find lots of ideas here.

At GoodOaks we believe that talking to each other is one of the simple and most powerful ways to check in on each other and make sure our clients and carers are feeling ok. For many people, the last two years of the Pandemic have been tough, with many clients having to isolate from family and friends and people trying to manage their stress or worries about the virus. For our carers, it has been a time of increased concern too, as we all work round the clock to keep our clients as safe and healthy as we can. This has meant carers themselves have at times isolated from their families or stayed isolated with clients in order to keep our clients safe. They have had to remain incredibly vigilant about safety and have helped by running errands and picking up food and prescriptions for clients.

This Time to Talk Day you can help your friends, family and community in a variety of ways.

Mental illness affects one in four people in the UK each year, so it is time that we all talked about it, so that everyone knows they are not alone. We take pride in providing the best possible care for our clients and carers and that means ensuring we are doing everything we can to support their mental, as well as physical health. For more support and advice on common mental health issues like depression, anxiety and stress, visit, which has excellent resources.