GoodOaks News | 19 December 2023

Supporting our community during December and beyond

This time of year can bring both happiness and loneliness to a lot of people, especially the elderly who may live alone and not benefit from having people around for companionship and support around the home.

Often, we know of an elderly person who may live alone on our street, but we don’t know much about them or their circumstances. Keeping an eye out for them can be a great way to help them feel supported and included in the community in which they live. Here, we share some suggestions on how you can reach out within the local community and show your support to family and your neighbours: 

Give your time. Time is finite, we only have a set amount of it and being able to share it with someone is precious.  Whether over a drink, a stroll, or a small gesture like dropping in unannounced on a neighbour living alone. Small moments will make a big impact in someone’s day.

Thoughtful gifts. Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Perhaps drop in a pre-loved book from the charity shop, or download an audio book if they have poor eyesight and trouble with small text. Show framed photos or a collage with their memories and allow them to reminisce and smile. 

Be mindful of health. Where possible, take them a meal, ensure they have supplies in the fridge, encourage a gentle walk or some fresh air or activities that keep them moving – even if that’s a few stretches in their chair or a walk to the kitchen. 

Inform them of local activities that cater to their abilities. You could invite them to events that you’re planning on attending or inform them of events happening in the local community that they might like to get involved with. Coffee mornings, support groups, charity events. You could also find out about their local community transport services and Shopmobility.

At GoodOaks, we understand the importance of a person remaining living in their own home, surrounded by memories and familiar things. To find out more about our Visiting care services please call Tel: 01202 757787.