Homecare News | 6 March 2023

Preparing for a stay in hospital

Hospital stay

If you or a loved one are going into hospital, it’s important to know how you can prepare for this. Whether you’re going in for elective surgery or a scheduled procedure that includes an overnight stay, putting things in place to make this process as smooth as possible will really help. We have put together some suggestions that will help make the process much easier on you as well as those close to you.


Firstly, let’s think about what is happening at home whilst you’re away. Do you have a trusted neighbour who can come in and feed your pet or put out your bins? Think about any services you will not need while you are in hospital, perhaps you have a daily paper delivered or fresh milk to the doorstep. Remembering to freeze or cancel these things will not only save you time but money too! 


When it comes to packing a bag, keep it simple and only take what you think you’ll need and what you’ll be most comfortable wearing including; Wash bag and toiletries, underwear, dressing gown, medications, hand towels, slippers. Other things to remember could be: Debit card, phone charger, a book, puzzle or notepad and pen to keep you occupied! You may also want to think about earplugs and an eye mask as the ward will likely be noisy at times and not as dark as your bedroom at home. 


Think about transport and work out how you will get to and from the hospital. Ask a friend or family member or book a taxi.


It’s also really important to keep yourself as well and healthy as you can before your visit. Keeping yourself hydrated and well nourished will limit your chances of picking up an infection and speed up your recovery, especially if you’re having a general anesthetic.


When you get home from hospital you are likely to have a period of recovery before you feel like yourself again. Try to prepare for this ahead of time so that you are more comfortable when you return again. 


Have you considered visiting homecare? Also known as ‘reablement care’, This type of care focuses on helping you to learn or re-learn the skills you need to live independently at home, therefore re-enabling you to live your life as you did before going into hospital. Visiting homecare professionals will help you with tasks such as cooking, cleaning, getting washed and dressed and getting around the house until you’re back on your feet again.

We can visit you, or your loved one, in hospital to carry out an initial assessment. Or we can come to you at home before you go into the hospital. We will ask you about the level of support you would like and offer any advice based on our experience. 

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