GoodOaks News | 14 November 2023

Introducing our ultra compact, zero emissions electric vehicles!

Here are GoodOaks, we are passionate about doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint by doing everything we can to protect our precious planet! We believe that climate change is a real crisis of our time with the effects it’s having on us posing a real threat to our health, both locally and globally.

Most of the care work carried out by our teams is in suburban areas, often in older vehicles that emit more poisonous fumes. Our care professionals are often in stop-start traffic between clients all of which is contributing towards the deteriorating health of our environment. This issue is something we care deeply about and we are fighting the fight against it. By taking steps to transition to cleaner, more sustainable transportation options, we can safeguard our health and work toward a cleaner, healthier future for all.

The vehicles are Citroen AMI’s and are ultra compact with zero emissions. They will be used by our care teams carrying out support visits, driving to client assessment, carpooling and general office use. For years now,  we have supported tree planting schemes in the UK. Regularly measuring, reporting, and verifying their carbon emissions and offsetting activities to ensure they meet their carbon neutrality and tree planting goals.

Co Founder Ben Ashton: “ We take caring for the plant very seriously and are committed to continuously improving our sustainability practices and seeking innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact. As part of this project, we are installing electric charging points at our offices. We aim to prove the concept in our office in our Bournemouth and Poole HQ before rolling it out across our network. We are continuously looking at new ways to improve our sustainability practices and feel this investment is a great way to reflect our mission”.


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