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How to complain about a Home Care Agency

How to complain about a Home Care Agency

How to complain about a Home Care Agency

If you are concerned about the level of care you or a loved one is receiving, it can be a worrying time. However, any care provider should have processes and procedures in place to help you raise your concerns in a safe way and help find a resolution that is in everyone’s best interests. You should not be worried about raising issues – care providers will see it as a chance to learn and help to provide better care.

How to complain about Home Care Agency

Step 1 – Contact your home care provider

The first stage in any complaint should be a call to your care provider. You should outline your concerns and ask them to rectify the situation – explaining the outcome you would like to see. If the specific outcome is not possible, the care provider should explain why this is to you and try to come up with an alternative solution. You should make notes of your concerns, the date and time of the call and who you spoke to, you should note the care provider’s response and any timeframe allocated for changes to take place. Keep a record of all interactions and ask your care provider to follow up the call with a letter or email, detailing the steps they will be taking.

Step 2 – Contact the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Following this process, if you still feel that the situation has not been remedied, then you can go to the governing body. Every care supplier will be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC.) Every care provider in the UK has to follow certain standards enshrined in law. The CQC is the regulator that monitors these providers and says if they are up to standard or not. The standards of care can be found on the CQC’s website here.

You can raise a concern with the CQC by calling 03000 616161 or via email tellus@cqc.org.uk.

Carers UK works with the CQC to find out if the standards of care your loved ones receive measures up to the CQC standards. Their website can be found here. However, in short, the standards you should expect from your care agency include person centred care, dignity and respect, consent, safety and safeguarding from abuse, food and drink, the right to complain, good governance and much more.

Step 3 – Consider changing to a different home care agency

So, what if you have tried to complain about your home care agency, but no one is listening?

If you are concerned about the care you or a loved one is receiving, or you have tried all the avenues mentioned above but have had no positive solution, you may want to consider changing care providers.

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What is the best home health care agency?

The best home health care agency should always put you or your loved one at the centre of the care package. You or your loved one should feel listened to and feel that your views and preferences are taken into consideration throughout your care. You should feel you are treated with respect and dignity, and that your needs are being met to a good standard. You should feel supported to live a full life in a way that grants you independence and autonomy. You should be able to enjoy and be supported in doing activities you love and should be helped to see friends and family. You should feel cared for and supported to live your life in your way.

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