GoodOaks News | 19 February 2024

How can getting homecare early increase quality of life?

In an emergency it is important to act fast. Knowing what to do when a loved one is ill can make all the difference and give you that confidence to take what can be life-saving action.

The GoodOaks Homecare difference

Taking the step to look at getting homecare for yourself or your loved one can feel like a big responsibility, especially if you or your loved one are very independent. The truth is that getting homecare in good time can actually enhance quality of life and mean that you or your loved one can thrive at home independently for longer.

What factors improve quality of life?

There are a huge number of factors that contribute to a good quality of life, some of these are: good living conditions, good health and care, access to good nutrition and hydration, good connection to friends, family and society, autonomy and basic rights, a natural environment and access to nature.

How does quality of care affect quality of life?

Quality of care is hugely important. The more comfortable and happier a person is with their care, the better they will feel. 

They will be empowered to continue to do the things they love, without worry and they will be able to live a life to the fullest without having to worry about things like the laundry piling up or how they will get to a doctor’s appointment. It’s very simple (good care is vital) that’s why it is at the heart of everything we do at GoodOaks Homecare.

How does health impact quality of life?

Poor physical health can sometimes lead to poor mental health. Poor physical health has a knock-on effect across someone’s life. If you or a loved one cannot get out and dressed without pain, then they can’t do their cleaning or look after themselves or make food. This all affects a person’s quality of life and how they feel about themselves. But conversely, if someone has help early from homecare, they can be more independent and do more of the things they love. This increases confidence and happiness and impacts positively on quality of life.

What is visiting and live-in care and how can that improve quality of life?

At GoodOaks Homecare, we can provide live-in or visiting homecare, both enable you to stay in the comfort of your own home and completely centred around you. Live-in care is where a care professional will live with you or your loved one to provide round-the-clock care. This can be especially important when coming home after a hospital admission helping them to stay connected to friends and family.

 A care professional can help make that rehabilitation process easier and help you or your loved one transition back into their routine easier. Visiting homecare is when a care professional comes to visit you in your home and helps with household or personal tasks. This could be helping you to get up in the morning, get breakfast, do the laundry and cleaning, or help you with a night-time routine. Care professionals can also help to take you or your loved one to appointments and social events 

The GoodOaks Homecare difference

The GoodOaks Homecare difference

If you would like help or support for you or your loved one, please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation about the care we could provide. You can find our contact details online here: or feel free to give our head office team a call to your local branch.