GoodOaks News, Homecare News | 8 November 2022

How can a GoodOaks Care Professional help you to recuperate after a hospital admission?

Going into hospital can be a worrying time. If you or your loved one have been fit and mobile up to this point and now face a period of rehabilitation it can be a daunting prospect.

How can a Good Oaks carer help you to recuperate after a hospital admission?

You may find that you need rehabilitation help after a fall, or if your loved one has had a stroke, they may need extra help while they recuperate and relearn skills which may have been affected. GoodOaks Homecare carers can make the hospital discharge and home ‘reablement’ process smooth, straightforward and understandable. We will be there with you every step of the way to help you live an independent life within your own home.

When you are in hospital your doctors and specialists will discuss with you and your loved one the level of care you are likely to need once you are discharged. Please feel free to contact your local GoodOaks team, our numbers are listed here. We will be able to visit you in hospital to undertake an initial assessment. In this, we will talk through your concerns and what you would like help with, from this we can create a person centred care plan tailored to you or your loved one.

Depending on your needs, there are several options for care. We know that a stay in hospital can knock your confidence and our focus is always on helping you get back to being as independent as possible. Our care professionals can help with guiding you through re-learning skills like cooking, cleaning, washing and dressing yourself. We will work in partnership with your GP and other specialists to help you, including taking you to follow up appointments and being on hand for health care visits so we can help you with any specialist rehabilitation exercises should you need it.

With GoodOaks, you have two options for home care:

Visiting Care: This is where our care professionals can visit you at home to help you. This could be a couple of times a day to help you get up and start your day, help you prepare breakfast and then help you in the evening as well. Visits can be made at any time of day to suit your needs.

Live-in Care: This is a good option if you or your loved one, is facing a prolonged period of rehabilitation. This can be particularly helpful for those who have had major surgery, a stroke or a serious accident. Your Cre Professional can be on-hand 24/7 to support you at any time.

Our Care teams can help you with getting up and starting your day, as well as tasks including washing and personal hygiene, eating, administering medication, cooking, cleaning, gardening, going to appointments and connecting with friends and family. We pride ourselves on our talented people, who are matched to you and your interests so that you always have something to talk about. We offer regular reviews of care to ensure you are always getting the best treatment for you.

You can book a call, or assessment visit here. We know that a stay in hospital and the thought of returning home if you aren’t feeling 100% right can be a worrying time, but we can help make the transition easy. We will provide the support to help you get back to doing the things you love.