GoodOaks News | 14 May 2024

GoodOaks partner with Bournemouth University on dementia study

GoodOaks partners with Bournemouth University on Project Tomato, a study aimed at improving nutritional care for people living with dementia at home, in collaboration with NIHR DEM-COMM Fellow Dr. Gladys Yinusa.

Nutrition and Hydration - Project Tomato

GoodOaks partner with Bournemouth University on Dementia study

According to Alzheimer’s Research UK, there are currently 944,000 people living with dementia in the UK and this number is due to increase. The Society also states that only 46% of people with dementia in the UK currently have a diagnosis.

At GoodOaks, we aim to continuously strive to improve our offering to clients, their families and the millions of unpaid family carers who are doing their best to support those they love with little to no support. 

For over a year now, we have collaborated with Bournemouth University to undertake a study of an intervention to provide nutritional care for people living at home with dementia.

This project, named TOMATO [nuTritiOn and deMentia AT hOme] has involved our team being upskilled by university fellows and in-turn, better supporting clients and their families to implement nutritional improvements at home. 

Project Tomato will create learning resources that will support clients and their families to manage their dementia at home. A lasting benefit for many families across the UK.


Phase 1

Involved adapting an existing nutritional intervention using feedback from people with dementia, their family carers, homecare staff and nutrition experts. Dementia patients were asked to talk about their experiences with food and eating habits and share this information with the University. 

In November, GoodOaks staff also attended “nutrition awareness training” at the campus with the NIHR Clinical Research Network representatives who are supporting the project. Training involved a small group of clients and their care professionals getting together to discuss, learn and to share our in-depth GoodOaks knowledge about the signs of malnutrition and early dementia symptoms. 

The session focused on how we can change, motivate and create scenarios to encourage people to eat. We also worked on a number of case studies to help cement our thoughts and processes. Although the project isn’t due to end until August 2024 we’ve already had great feedback from our care teams and implemented our knowledge into our own client care plans.

Dr Gladys Yinusa – Bournemouth University and NIHR DEM-COMM Fellow said:It’s such a great opportunity to be working together with GoodOaks Homecare through our research to improve nutrition and hydration for people living with dementia at home – a significant research priority in the homecare sector. We recognise the vital role of collaborative partnership in research to contribute new knowledge and insights into approaches to beneficially impact the lives of people living with dementia and their carers. We look forward to continuing our joint efforts.

At GoodOaks, we offer specialist dementia care for those living with dementia that need that extra support to remain at home. We also offer respite care allowing the caring people who are looking after them to take a well deserved rest as well. 


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