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Care homes aren't the only solution. Keep your loved one in the comfort of their own home, with round the clock expert care from a highly trained and trusted care professional.

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We’re inspected regularly by the Care Quality Commission, and are a Top 20 Homecare Group

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Why GoodOaks Homecare?

  • Award-winning homecare
  • Proactive partnership approach
  • Flexible and responsive
  • Well-trained and supported staff
  • 100 per cent carbon-neutral
  • Led by caring local entrepreneurs

GoodOaks Homecare offers both visiting and live-in care with specialist care such as dementia and stroke care available.

Our service is both flexible and personalised to the needs of you or your loved one. Our care professionals undertake a bespoke training course, are Dignity in Care registered and our service is regulated by the CQC, so you know you’re in good hands.

Our unique approach to homecare focuses on the people we employ, the planet we inhabit, and the partnerships we make with our clients and their families.

Joan’s case study

Live-in care

“If we had not had the care provided by GoodOaks, my mother would not be able to continue living independently at home.”

“We are now 4 months into Amy being at home with Mum and it’s honestly been such a life changing experience. Not only for mum, but for the whole family. We now sleep at night with peace of mind knowing that mum is well cared for by someone who knows her and is supporting her living at home, just where she wants to be. We can now enjoy the time we get with mum and spend quality time with her when we visit, rather than combining company and trying to do the laundry or cleaning – This is all now taken care of and we couldn’t be happier”.

Joan had been admitted to hospital after her family had raised concerns about her health. Whilst they had been doing their best to visit her at home to help with the day-to-day tasks such as washing up and laundry, they had missed some signs of malnourishment which led to her being admitted to hospital for treatment.

Joan had been living with dementia for the past couple of years and had recently been forgetting to eat and drink which had gone unnoticed and had subsequently made her quite unwell. Her family had previously looked at local care homes as an option for Joan but between them, they all felt uneasy about moving her away from the familiar surroundings of her home, her memories, or having to overturn her daily routine. They felt lost about what to do next and how to get the appropriate help in place for her until they stumbled across an article in the local magazine for live-in care. They hadn’t realised live-in care was an option and almost immediately knew this could potentially be the best possible route for her care at home. 

GoodOaks arranged a visit at the hospital with Joan and her family in person.We found out a little background about her and her life, her routine and how she had been since her diagnosis. We also gathered information on her current health and detailed the care that could be put in place for her when she got home.

When Joan returned home, a second visit was carried out, this time it included additional risk assessments to ensure her safety and wellbeing, before a full care plan was written. All of this was agreed step by step with Joan and her family, so that everyone was clear and involved in the process. 

After speaking with Joan and finding out more about the qualities she would like in her care professional, we knew exactly who would be a match. She sent over a profile for Amy, who not only had experience in dementia care, but also loved jigsaws – One of Joan’s favourite things to do!

Homecare FAQ’s

care coordinator Tina with two clients

Live-in homecare is a personalised and flexible alternative to residential care. GoodOaks live-in care professionals stay with you at home day and night, often for at least two weeks at a time. Your live-in care professional can help with the running of the house as much as desired, as well as provide personal care and companionship.

With our help, clients are able to stay in familiar surroundings that they have spent their lives shaping. Our live-in care professionals adapt and work to support you in your own home, so you can keep your independence and possessions, family and pets around you no matter what your situation.

The cost of homecare will vary depending on your specific needs. Daily care visits to carry out domestic duties will cost less than round-the-clock, specialist live-in care. At GoodOaks, our live-in care services start at £1100.00 per week for round-the-clock care of a single adult and our visiting care costs start at £19 per half an hour.

You might qualify for local authority care funding or NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding (CHC) to help you pay for your homecare services.

Our visiting care professionals can help with all of the following and more:

  • Help people with their morning routine
  • Prepare meals
  • Administer medication for people who can forget or have an impairment
  • Provide companionship and support for people living alone
  • Help people to regain their independence after a stay in hospital (reablement)
  • Provide personal care
  • Help people visit the shops, attend doctor’s appointments or meet friends