Good Oaks Bournemouth and Poole Quality Assurance Report

Our Annual Quality Assurance Survey has been completed for our home care office in Bournemouth and Poole, and the results are in!



  • 100% of clients reported that their needs are being met as described in their care plan. This shows that our care plans are regularly and responsively reviewed by Care Coordinators and are an accurate reflection of the care being provided. This is even more true this year since Good Oaks became a paperless service. Our new system allows us to update care plans, medication details, risk assessments etc immediately.
  • 100% of clients said that carers ‘Always’ or ‘Nearly Always’ arrived at a time that suits them. This is an improvement from 96% who reported the same last year.
  • 100% of clients were sure that confidentiality was maintained by their carers and the Company. This is the same high standard as last year.
  • 100% of clients ‘Strongly agrees’ or ‘agrees’ that Good Oaks’ support enables them to be more independent.
  • 100% of clients ‘Strongly agrees’ or ‘agrees’ that Good Oaks is responsive to any changes in their needs. Again, this is the same high standard as last year.
  • 100% of clients ‘Always’ and ‘Nearly Always’ see the same member of staff. This is a very big improvement on the 2017 results.
  • The average score for clients reporting seeing the same carer was 4% lower than last year, but an improvement on 2015.
  • 100% of the clients who answered the questionnaire are ‘Very Satisfied’ or Satisfied with the service.


  • ‘……….carers give a little bit extra’.
  • ‘Very good at dispensing my medicines at the correct time. Very good at keeping track of my appointments. Very good in an emergency situation’.
  • ‘I think the service is very good.’
  • ‘It enables us to stay in our own home rather than move into a care home which we don’t want’.
  • ‘The carers are wonderful – so respectful – a joy to have in your property’.
  • ‘Very good, always really helpful making sure things are fine’.



This years’ Quality Assurance highlights that improvements of recent years have been maintained and built upon in many areas.

Overall satisfaction is high, with 100% ‘Very Satisfied’ or ‘Satisfied’ with the service, but there are always areas we can look to improve on.


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