GoodOaks News | 7 June 2024

Family carers: You Are Not Alone 

 Celebrating and supporting the unsung heroes this week, and every week of the year.

you are not alone

Carers Week

In recognition of Carers Week 2024 we want to show our support, help raise awareness and celebrate the enormous contribution these people make everyday, to care for someone else. 

Who is a carer? Usually someone who provides care and support to a family member, friend, or a dependent who has a disability, chronic illness, or other needs due to their age. This care is provided without receiving financial payment or formal employment benefits. 

Unpaid carers can be of any age, and their roles can vary from providing personal care, like helping with bathing and dressing, to managing medications, and assisting with daily living tasks such as shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Care can be delivered in many forms, from short daily visits, to around the clock care. 


You Are Not Alone Campaign

In April, we launched our national campaign. Our aim is to celebrate and support the quiet, unseen, unheralded commitment that millions of people make to support their loved ones. Caring for a family member can feel overwhelming and isolating and we believe there isn’t enough information, support and resources available to those who are looking after someone at home. 

We will be offering free information sessions, interviews with sector experts, in depth care guides, advice and care tips. We have also implemented a helpline at GoodOaks HQ in Poole for anyone who needs extra support or has any questions about care. We are dedicated to helping change the lives of the families in their communities. Covering topics such as nutrition and hydration, balance and fall prevention, dementia care and more, we’re striving to make looking after loved ones at home more manageable, and aim to celebrate the joy of being at home. 

Support in the Community

GoodOaks was founded in 2011 and we have spent years building connections with our local community. We are proud that our franchise partners throughout the network share the same view as we do, constantly carving partnerships to help better support families across the UK. 

The theme for Carers Week this year is ‘putting carers on the map’ and we fully support their campaign to raise awareness. There is a different theme for each day, throughout the week with relevant signposting and support available. They encourage people to also visit and sign up for support, discounts and more! 

There will be events taking place all over the country this week and we encourage you to find out what’s happening in your local area via the Carers Week website.

And remember: You Are Not Alone.