GoodOaks News | 8 February 2024

Director at GoodOaks Homecare – Isle of Wight delivers training to the community

Camelia Moise Gogoasa, Director and Registered Manager of local Visiting and Live-in homecare provider GoodOaks, has been giving up her time to train students at the Isle of Wight College


The Government scheme aims to help and support the unemployed who would like to work in Health and Social Care for the first time. Camelia has been supporting people to achieve the Care Certificate, which is a mandatory requirement for all care professionals in the UK and is recognised throughout the country. It’s a basic and very important qualification and ensures that a certain standard of care is maintained in every care setting. The training runs over 10 weeks and Camelia has been delivering this every Thursday, in person, at the campus. 

The Care Certificate is a set of standards that healthcare professionals adhere to in their daily working life. There are 15 standards and each care worker is assessed in standards such as duty of care, basic life support, safeguarding and much more. Camelia explained that she goes through each standard, explaining each one to students as well as assessing their practical tasks to ensure that each element is complete and correct. 

Camelia commented: “I have been really enjoying going along to the college and sharing my knowledge and experience with the students. There is a real mix in college including some Ukranians students who are not only trying to learn English, but also get qualifications to be able to work in care in the UK. I am happy to give something back to the community and enjoy seeing more brilliant people through this course and welcoming them into the care sector” 

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