GoodOaks News, Homecare News | 8 November 2022

Dignity Action Day 2020

Dignity Action Day 2020

Each year, Dignity Action Day aims to bring the importance of providing dignified care to the top of the agenda. It encourages health and social care workers, care providers, and the friends and families of people in need of care, to ensure they are always working hard to ensure dignity is at the heart of care.


Providing dignified care in people’s own homes is very important to us at Good Oaks. We believe that protecting the dignity of our clients is essential when developing care plans.

Each of our visiting and live-in home carers are registered with the Dignity in Care campaign, making them Dignity Champions. Being a Dignity Champion means continually looking for ways to safeguard dignity, always treating people with compassion and respect, speaking up when dignity is at risk and listening to and understanding the views of our clients.

Whilst sometimes big changes are needed, providing home care that champions dignity is often achieved by lots of small actions. Taking into account the needs to the individual, consulting the client wherever possible about how they want to run their day, what they would like to eat, and really listening to what they are saying. These things make a huge difference.

Training Coordinator at Good Oaks Bournemouth and Poole, Jo Wood, said:

“We incorporate the Dignity in Care campaign into our training across our Good Oaks offices. Our carers learn what dignified care should look like and know they can flag any concerns they have to us.

“Dignity in Action released the 10 Dignity Do’s which give people strong guidance. These include creating a personalised service that recognises people as individuals, enabling people to maintain as much independence as possible, respecting people’s right to privacy, and helping people to feel less isolated and alone.”

You can read more about Dignity in Care here.