London Live-In Care in Lockdown 3 and the Tier System

What is the current situation with live-in care and lockdown 3 restrictions? How is it different from the Tier System?

With England entering its third national Lockdown since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic on January 5th, 2021, London live-in care providers, and carers across the UK, are having to adjust to the new restrictions.

Following on the from the tougher Tier 4 restrictions brought in at the end of 2020, the National Lockdown will be in place until a least mid-February. MPs voted through the new Lockdown after Parliament was recalled on January 6th, and the new law has a caveat that could see Lockdown 3 extended to March 31st, if it is deemed necessary by the Government to control the COVID-19 virus. The Government has said it will review the national lockdown regularly and once restrictions lift, it is likely that England will return to the four-tier system.

What does the National Lockdown 3 mean for live-in care?

Live-in care allows people to stay in the comfort and safety of their own home and still receive the highest possible care. During the unsettling period that the nation and London is experiencing, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remaining in the comfort of your home is more appealing to many people.

Our London Live-In Care Service makes shielding and social distancing easier, as you can remain at home with your live-in carer and limit the number of people that you see more easily than in a care home.

Good Oaks has introduced an enhanced COVID-19 safety measures to ensure you stay secure, which you can read here.

With the Lockdown now in place until at least mid-February, we are helping our clients to feel secure by providing live-in care teams that isolate with you. Each carer is meticulously matched with each person. This means that you will know that you will share interests, outlooks and hobbies with your carer, to make the process as easy as possible.

Our London live-in carers provide round-the-clock reassurance for loved ones, by moving in with them and providing care and companionship for often at least two weeks at a time. Carers have two hours off each day at a mutually convenient time, and need their own bedroom in which they can keep their clothes and possessions.

All our carers are trained and experienced in both care and managing a home as much as required.

How are live-in carer providers adapting to the challenges?

Good Oaks’ Proprietary COVID-19 Secure Standard for Infection Control goes above and beyond sector guidelines to ensure the utmost COVID-19 Security. These enhanced measures include, but are not limited to, our ‘No Public Transport’ guarantee, temperature checks before placement starts, weekly Covid-19 tests and our COVID-19-secure code of conduct.

Isolating with our clients helps to provide reassurance that you or your loved one will get the specialist one on one care they need, when they need it, in the comfort of your own home.

How will I be able to stay in touch with my loved ones during Lockdown 3? Can I visit my loved ones during Lockdown 3?

At Good oaks London, we know how important keeping in touch with loved ones is, but especially during these worrying times. Our carers will help clients keep in regular contact with friends and family through technology like Zoom and WhatsApp. This means that even when we have to be apart, we can stay connected.

What will happen once England leaves Lockdown 3?

It is likely that once England leaves the National Lockdown 3 that we will return the Tier System we had before. This will see areas facing different restrictions depending on the R-rate of infection. The lower the likelihood of infection (the lower R is,) the lower the Tier rating will be, and so the more restrictions will be able to be eased.

From the point of view of live-in care in the capital, no matter what Tier London emerges into, Good Oaks stays committed to going above and beyond with our COVID-19-Secure safety standards. This means we will continue our safety checks and also limit the number of care teams going to see clients – continuing to match clients with carers to isolate with clients As restrictions ease, we will look to help clients to be able to meet friends and family, as restrictions allow, in a COVID-19-secure and socially distant way and return to some of the activities that are so important to those in our care, from walks in the park and a socially distant cup of tea with family, to a drive in the carer’s car.. All activities will of course, be in line with the latest restrictions and guidelines.

How can I find out more about live-in care in London?

The national lockdown and tier system is likely to be updated regularly, so you can find all the latest Government guidance and restrictions here. To find out more about our live-in care teams in London, see our London live in care page or our Wimbledon home care page.

If you are interested in becoming a Good Oaks franchisee in London, visit our home care franchise website to find out more.

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