Top 5 Apps for the Older Computer or Tablet User

There are millions of things you can do on the computer or tablet but here are our top 5 for getting started on your device:


1. Skype – This app is quite user-friendly once you’ve set it up, and once you have, you can have free video and audio telephone calls, so you can keep in touch with friends and family, and see people you haven’t seen in ages. All for free!

2. Outlook – This program organises all your emails for you, and filters some annoying spam emails for you. It is easy to use and all the messages come straight to your computer so you don’t need to access a browser to see them.

3. Youtube – This stores videos on every topic imaginable – from old music to documentaries, how-to guides and much more. There’s over 6 BILLION hours of video on Youtube, which will keep you entertained for a while!

4. iPlayer – From the BBC, this lets you watch all the programs the BBC produces over the last month, as well as a huge archive of old programs to access for free. This is a great app if you missed your favourite program.

5. Crosswords Classics – There are loads of options for keeping occupied on your tablet or computer, including quick and cryptic crosswords.

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