GoodOaks News | 7 March 2024

What mobility support is available to me in the Bedford area?

An unpaid carer looks after someone who couldn’t cope without their support due to illness, dementia, disability, mental health or special educational needs.

Whether you’re navigating disability, a new diagnosis that could affect mobility, ageing, or temporary injury, accessing the right services can make all the difference in maintaining independence and quality of life. From accessible transportation options to mobility aids and equipment providers, this guide will help you to navigate Bedford’s diverse range of mobility services with confidence and ease.

The Mobility Physio has specific experience in caring for older people and those with dementia. The team covers a wide area with their main aim being to improve/maintain quality of life. They offer many benefits including:

  • Individual treatment and exercise regimes
  • Advise carers in any setting how best to help a patient with their mobility to aid increase in independence
  • Intense rehabilitation for those in their own home or a residential or nursing home

They provide home visits and care home visits offering physiotherapy in Bedford and surrounding areas and see how you are in your normal environment to help you set achievable rehabilitation goals. By practising functional tasks and mobility exercises in a setting you are comfortable with, this helps you gain the specific strength and skills required to undertake them. Whether it is getting in and out of bed or walking to the shop, practising these tasks can improve quality of life by increasing independence whilst improving your general health.

British Red Cross – Mobility Aid Service  This service provides short term loans of wheelchairs, mobility aids and toilet and bathing aids. You can either visit their website for more details of call 01234 268850

Visiting care. At GoodOaks we provide specialist Visiting and Live-in Care to people in their own homes. We offer everything from a 30 minute visit to help prepare a meal to 24 hour, round the clock care. We tailor our care plans around each person we serve and to ensure each client is at the centre of their care.

For more information on respite care and other services we offer, please call us for a friendly chat on Tel: 01234 395 100