GoodOaks News | 29 February 2024

90th Birthday Kindness for GoodOaks Bournemouth & Poole Client

Last week, visiting care client Irene Fitchett turned 90.

Leading up to that day, Irene has been chatting with her care professional Rosie during her visits, and had mentioned to her that she had never had a birthday badge – In all her 90 years! 

Rosie decided that she wouldn’t let another year pass where Irene didn’t have a badge to wear on her birthday and made a very special one, just for her. Together, they put the number 90 on the front for Irene to wear and she was over the moon! Irene proudly wore it to the day centre, where she was heading to spend her birthday with friends.  

Registered Manager Rachael Dormer said ‘it’s moments like these that remind us of the power we all have to make a difference in someone’s life, even with the simplest gestures. We want to make sure everyone feels celebrated and appreciated, especially as they reach significant milestones in their lives and we are delighted to hear that Irene was so touched by her birthday badge!” 

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