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Registered Manager


The Registered Manager ensures that Good Oaks’ Mission of being the “go-to provider of quality care at home by valuing, developing and rewarding the caring people who work with us” is actively reflected at their branch.

They have overall responsibility for the management of their Good Oaks branch, working closely with the Directors to provide exceptional leadership.

Registered Managers need to be able to inspire the people around them to constantly improve their practice, to set standards and make sure they are being met, as well as forming good working relationships with external professionals and all Good Oaks staff.

They need to be passionate about Good Oaks’ vision of providing quality care at home, focusing on our individual clients and understanding their unique circumstances, needs and wishes.

They’ll know what good care looks like, and highlight and celebrate that, as well as being able to confidently challenge bad practice wherever it is found. The ability to influence the quality of care provided by your organisation is immensely rewarding for those passionate about providing person-centred, quality care.


Would I suit this role?

Being the Registered Manager requires being a strategist, leader, administrator, recruiter, communicator, assessor, coordinator, coach and mentor. It’s a hugely varied role, where every day is different and being able to switch from task to task if essential.

There is pressure that comes with being the Registered Manager, and it’s important to stay calm and collected when events unfold, thinking rationally and clearly about the best way forward.

Previous hands-on and management experience in the care sector is essential for Registered Managers, and qualifications such as the QCF Level 5 in Health and Social Care are desirable.

I really enjoy supporting people and developing staff to become the best they can in what they do.

Shellie - Registered Manager
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What roles were you in before this role?

Before I found my calling in the Care sector, my experience was in Human Resources, Recruitment, Administration, Hospitality and Customer Services.

I started as a Visiting Carer five years ago, and progressed through various roles including Administrator, Coordinator, Team Leader, Assistant Manager and finally Registered Manager.


What does your job look like on a day-to-day basis?

That’s a difficult question as no two days are the same! I work hard to ensure that all our staff are happy and confident in their roles because I think this is key to getting the best out of people.

The day-to-day responsibilities include assessing clients, making sure their records are up-to-date, checking daily notes and medication charts as well as managing the appraisal, development and supervisions of all staff.

I ensure that new starters’ inductions and assessments are being organised effectively and that they are confident and competent before they are signed off to work independently.

Day-to-day, I work very closely with my coordinators and the company directors to make sure that the whole company is working smoothly, so I am involved in everything from strategy planning to rostering, depending on what’s needed that day.


What do you enjoy about it?

I really enjoy supporting people and developing staff to become the best they can in what they do.

I also like being challenged on a daily basis, it’s a satisfying feeling when you know that everything is sorted and running as it should be. Knowing that we are providing quality care for our clients brings everyone real enjoyment.


Is there anything you find challenging about it?

Deciding whether we have capacity to accept new care packages can be challenging at times. Because we are in high demand our existing clients come first, and only when we can safely and responsibly take on more clients will we do so.


What would you like to do in the future?

I’d like to spend more time finding other ways to help improve people’s lives. Each individual thinks differently and has different needs, so we need to keep exploring every avenue we can to help them remain safe, happy and independent at home.

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