GoodOaks News, Homecare News | 8 November 2022

Carers go above and beyond for Good Oaks’ clients

Carers go above and beyond for Good Oaks' clients

Carer, Mandy Misfud-Bonnici, receiving her certificate from Training Coordinator, Jo Wood. 

Our carers regularly go the extra mile for our clients. At Good Oaks, our PRIDE Values are at the heart of our visiting care and live-in care. These stand for: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Empathy.

Our Values shape our carers’ training, ensuring we all recognise what outstanding care at home looks like and how we can all deliver it. Our new Above and Beyond Rewards recognise the dedication and compassion of our care staff.

Above and Beyond Rewards for carers

We recently introduced our Above and Beyond Rewards programme to celebrate members of staff who live these values. Every two months, we’ll be choosing two members of staff to receive £40 in supermarket vouchers. These members of staff will also receive certificates of commendation for their hard work.

We received entries from 26 carers and they made inspiring reading. Our first two winners are Mandy Misfud-Bonnici and Gabriela Micle.

Outstanding home carers

Mandy Mifsud-Bonnici 

Home Carer, Mandy, told us how she has gone above and beyond to help her clients. This included encouraging one client to have a go at Word Search puzzles. Mandy wanted to find a gentle hobby that her client would enjoy, but that wouldn’t cause distress by being too difficult. Her client really enjoyed herself and Word Searches have now become part of her daily routine.

With another client, Mandy told us how she loves listening to her stories and reminiscing with her about times gone by. She always makes time to give the client’s favourite chair an extra dust and she sweeps the kitchen floor to ensure it’s exactly how her client likes it.

For another client, Mandy made an extra effort when it was her birthday. This client didn’t have close family, so Mandy ensured she felt special and sang her happy birthday.

Gabriela Micle

Gabriela is one of our live-in carers. Live-in carers stay with clients in their homes day and night, often for at least two weeks at a time. They help with the running of the house as much as desired, as well as providing personal care and companionship. You can read more about live-in care here.

Live-in carer, Gabriela, told us about how she goes above and beyond to ensure the clients she lives with are happy. She makes sure she spends time looking after their garden, as they love to spend time in it. Gabriela regularly waters the plants, trims the hedges and tidies the flower beds. She helps her clients to work in the garden when they wish to.  She also enjoys baking for her clients, which they enjoy too!

Champions of Dignity in home care

As well as committing to our PRIDE Values, our staff also commit to placing dignity at the heart of the care they provide by registering with the Dignity in Care Campaign as Dignity Champions. This gives them access to learning resources to help improve their practice.

You can read more about Dignity in Care here.