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“We want our clients to feel like they are going out for the day with friends or family” – Why our Good Oaks Home Carers don’t wear uniform.

Looking smart and professional is important – it shows the care, pride and respect people put into the work they do. At Good Oaks we believe that all our carers should be (and are,) smartly and professionally dressed, but we do not have an official uniform.

Opinion is split as to whether carers and other workers across the workforce should wear a uniform, so we thought we would tell you our company policy on it. While we support everyone’s choice to ask staff to wear a uniform or not, as a company we have taken the stance that we will not enforce a uniform. This is for a number of different reasons:

We have a suggested dress code that our staff use.

All our staff have a dress code and standard to work with – it states that all clothes worn for work must be smart, professional, comfortable and practical / suitable / appropriate for the work they will be doing.

For example, many of the jobs our carers do require them to use equipment such as hoists or use hot water (cooking and making tea etc,) and so open-toed shoes aren’t practical or safe.

We want to be inclusive

When our carers take clients out to appointments, go shopping or to see friends, we want them to feel comfortable and like they are going out with friends or family. Having a carer in uniform can make clients feel singled-out and like everyone knows they are with a carer – which some people don’t want. We want to make the service as inclusive as possible – and not having a uniform breaks down another barrier of division.

We want to add a layer of security to our visits

We want all our clients to feel safe and secure and we feel that by not having uniformed carers coming and going from the house, this adds a layer of security. Having people in non uniform visiting means it isn’t then obvious that someone needs a carer – they could just be a friend or family member popping round.

How Good Oaks Home Care can help

If you would like help or support for you or your loved one, please feel free to get in touch for a free consultation about the care we could provide. You can find the contact details for your local branch here: goodoakshomecare.co.uk/contact-us


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