Homecare News | 8 November 2022

Homecare and Technology

How new technology is helping to provide the very best care

Home care and technology

Technology has come a long way, in fact many of us couldn’t imagine our lives without it. At Good Oaks Home Care we know the power of using technology to give the very best care. We have invested in our technology and apps so that we can provide carers, clients and their loved ones, with up to the minute information about their care.

You can find out more about how we use new technologies to help provide a seamless service below.

Connecting people

Being able to talk directly and instantly with loved ones, whether they are in the next room, or across the world, has to be one of the best parts about technology. Messaging, video calling, and emails are helping to keep everyone better connected than ever before. This is really important for keeping older parents and grandparents connected to their wider family who may live away.

Our GoodOaks Care Professionals can help set older clients up on video messaging, Facetime, skype and WhatsApp, and show them how to use them (and help on the call itself) so that people can speak with their families no matter where they are.

Going green

At GoodOaks Homecare, we are mindful of our effect on the planet and are always looking for ways to try and be greener. We are an industry leader, as the first franchising company to be Carbon Neutral. We work with the company Carbon Footprint to not only offset our output – from things like fuel used to go and see clients – but we also help with tree planting both in the UK and in the Amazon Rainforest. We also regularly help with beach clean ups in our local areas as well. Our technology allows us to track our milage, so that we can accurately see how big our carbon footprint is, and then we can actively work to reduce it and offset it. Another advantage of using our technology and app it that it means we are paperless – so less trees are used for our paperwork.

Instant updates for peace of mind

Through our online systems and app, our Care Professionals can access care plans, make notes about visits and see if anything has changed during the last visit that they should be aware of. This is hugely beneficial to our staff, because they know exactly what they will need to do – if for example there has been a change in medication that they will be helping with etc. It also means that the clients and their loved ones can see their detailed care plan in a secure way, meaning the process and system is transparent.

At GoodOaks Homecare, we offer Live-in and Visiting care. This can be simply popping by one day a week for a cup of tea and a chat to full time care for those coming out of hospital or recuperating after an illness. For more information about how we can help, please visit goodoakshomecare.co.uk/contact us.