GoodOaks News | 8 February 2024

GoodOaks Homecare Aylesbury sponsors water well in Western Africa

Local Visiting and Live-in Homecare provider GoodOaks, have recently sponsored the building of a well in Mali, via the Muslim Hands UK charity.

Muslim Hands UK is dedicated to helping vulnerable people across the world and aims to address the causes of poverty and empower communities. They believe that clean water is “ the most precious gift you can give” and actively raise funds for a number of projects to help local communities around the world every day. Fiza Bukhari and her team at the local office wanted to help and made the decision to support Dig-A-Well by donating money to build a communal well. Thew new well is situated in a communal area in the village and will serve up to 35 families!

The access to fresh water will be transformational for those communities and will provide clean water for drinking, cooking and washing.


GoodOaks Director Fiza said: “We feel absolutely honoured to have been able to contribute to this project. We believe in nurturing communities not just within our own local area, but across the globe. Supporting initiatives like this is not just about providing access to clean water; it’s about fostering hope, and sustainability for generations to come.”

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