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Southampton and Romsey

This Month’s Home Care Territory Spotlight is Southampton and Romsey.


Good Oaks Home Care’s Southampton Territory includes Southampton, Romsey, Eastleigh and other small towns and extends into Hampshire.

The demographics and location are ideal for a home care franchise start-up: a large population of 103,718 people, with over 48,000 people over the age of 60.

The location would also work well for a Good Oaks Home Care franchise due to the proximity of our existing operations. Our New Forest home care franchise has found that cross-pollination of both clients and carers has allowed for quick, sustainable growth while reducing overheads.

The unique closeness to Good Oaks’ HQ gives some serious advantages:

  • Carer training taken care of by the dedicated in-house trainer in Head Office in Poole, saving time, money and office space needed for local training facilities
  • Support and advice only 45 minutes away, allowing us to be even more responsive to both urgent and non-urgent enquiries
  • Ability to use our office for meetings, interviews etc when required
  • Cross-pollination of client and job-seeker enquiries online and through local reputation
  • Local knowledge of Local Authority and NHS contracts

Territory Analysis


As with the rest of the UK population, Southampton’s demographics show an aging population. It is also home to Southampton General Hospital, as well as “RSH” – Royal South Hants Hospital and Western Community Hospital.

The territory includes a number of towns well linked by the M27 and M3, including:

  • Eastleigh: Population of 28,526
  • Romsey: Population of 18,000
  • Chandler’s Ford: Population of 21,456


Why Start-up a Good Oaks Home Care business in Southampton and Romsey?


Southampton is roughly average for demographics over the age of 65, and aging. This means there is populations of people to to recruit quality staff from.


This area is densely populated, which means that there is less traveling between clients, which means less travel costs and time, helping your carers support more clients


Free in-house carer training included as part of the franchise agreement – a first in home care franchising. This saves you valuable time as well as thousands of pounds each year, so you can focus on building and leading your business.

Demographics - Home Care in Southampton

Proportion of Population over 65

East Dorset Age by Groupings

East Dorset Over 60's Breakdown

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