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Our partnership approach empowers our owners to provide premium care in their local area

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We directly own and run our local GoodOaks office, and have been doing so for over 10 years. We know what it’s like on the ground; what works and what doesn’t; and our tools, training, brand and support are all shaped with that in mind.

As a network, we’re all invested in the brand and want to continuously improve it. Every owner brings their experience, ethos and drive to not only their business but the network as a whole. We work in genuine partnership across our network, open to new ideas and making us an agile, forward thinking network that helps solve each others’ problems.

Our Partners

Our partners share our values of professionalism, respect, integrity, dedication and empathy. They are passionate about providing quality care, knowing that that is key to sustainable business success. They have a shared set of characteristics that allow them to flourish in their local care market:

Genuine Care
Our partners need to be passionate about providing a quality service to their community

Ambition and Work Ethic
Starting any company is hard work, demanding at times, and requiring vision and patience.

In a People business such as this, communication is key. Not only will you need to lead your team of care professionals and liaise with clients, but promoting your business and building relationships with the people who’ll be referring clients to you.

Partnership-led Care

We continue our partnership approach throughout the care services we provide too. One of GoodOaks’ USPs is our Partnership-led Care, which we feel is essential in order to be confident we’re providing the best care possible for each individual. Working in partnership with the whole support network rather than a narrow focus on the end user improves the outcome and experience for all.