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Why Franchise?

Reduce risk. Accelerate growth.

Invest in a proven system with a network that cares, and utilise decades of industry experience to achieve your goals.

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Franchises such as GoodOaks have spent years (over 11, in our case) honing their system, building a brand, and developing support structures, all of which are available for franchise partners to tap into as required.

Partnering with a franchise such as GoodOaks mitigates risk, accelerates growth, and develops your skills and networks. It allows you to focus on the productive, meaningful activities that drive your business forward and improve the lives of your clients.

Independent vs Franchise

CQC Registration Support, including governance documents, statements of purpose and interview prep
We provide support through every step of your CQC Registration; including 1:1 guidance, Registered Manager recruitment, and a suite of documents, policies and procedures.
External, proactive and positive quality checks, before CQC inspect
Benefit from proactive, positive quality checks to highlight any areas of possible concern and ensure quality of the highest standard is maintained.
Training in all aspects of running a business
Our GOSTART programme offers a comprehensive training programme including everything from administering medication to High-Growth workshops focusing on growing your revenue. We cover everything you need to learn and continue to develop you and your team throughout your time with GoodOaks.
Proven systems that just work, and training and advice on how to use them
Working with a number of software programmes, we know the importance of having systems in place that simply make life easier. We’ll ensure you are familiar with how they work through training sessions and one-to-one sessions.
Access to Subject Matter Experts, whenever you need
With decades of experience between us, we have a deep understanding of Compliance, Marketing, HR, Business Development and Growth, and we’re here to help.
Ability to expand and open new offices
GoodOaks’ relatively young network offers huge scope to grow, with only 5% of available territories currently unavailable. We’re passionate about enabling our partners to achieve their goals; whether that’s one thriving office, or 10.
Ability to innovate and try new things
GoodOaks genuine partnership approach means that we don’t just follow a cookie-cutter approach that stifles innovation and agility. There are some things that we don’t do, like childcare, or agency staffing, but if you have an idea that will improve your clients’ lives and fits with our ethos, we are keen to help.
No large initial upfront cost
GoodOaks’ joining fee is one of the lowest in the sector, because we don’t seek to make a profit from it. The total costs of starting up as an independent are not hugely dissimilar when you factor in the time and costs of having to reinvent the wheel.
No ongoing Management Service Fees
The MSF enables us to invest in the support and expertise you need to tap into whenever you need. Partners who’ve joined and are joining us this year benefit from our early adopter pricing, enabling you to free up your capital to spend on growing your business. This means you can invest in your staff wages, on marketing your company, and establishing a high quality service, reaching your break-even point faster.
Ability to choose your own logo and experiment with your brand
We have worked hard to create and perfect our brand guidelines and develop our library of artwork that is bespoke for our GoodOaks network. These include adverts, social media templates, banners, car graphics, brochures, leaflets and much more.

Franchising and homecare just makes sense. Here’s why.

No-one gets into the care sector to spend their time combing through new legislation and trying to predict the possible impacts and interpretations.

But, liable to change, open to interpretation and legally enforced, it is essential that your company and staff are across all relevant regulations and that your systems and processes reflect the standards they require.

As a franchisor, we monitor developments across the sector and beyond and will adapt our system accordingly, providing responsive updates to our operating model as the regulatory landscape changes.

You can focus on the reason you started up in the care sector in the first place; to improve people’s lives and make a difference in your local community.

Homecare is an incredibly responsible service.

We are a lifeline for our clients, why rely on us to stay in the home they love. This responsibility fosters transformative, enabling relationships that will last a lifetime.

It also heightens the potential impacts of something going wrong.

Care professionals are administering medication, responsible for safeguarding, and using equipment to help their clients move around.

A franchise provides the standards, training, and quality assurance tools and checks to reassure you that your service is safe and compliant.


Selecting care for your loved one is a high-trust decision. And building a reputation and brand can take years.

Buying into an existing brand that you believe in and reflects your values helps reassure your prospective clients and care professionals they are joining a reputable, quality outfit, from Day 1.

The power of the network

Being a business owner can feel like a lonely path to tread. Especially when the inevitable challenges come, having an external sounding board that is implicitly invested in your success can be a huge asset.

Not only do you have the support office on your side, but you have a network of committed, compassionate care entrepreneurs who have all been there before and got the t-shirt. We regularly arrange meetings and have a network-wide messaging system allowing instant communications between owners.

We also bring purchasing power to the table, with discounts to big ticket items such as Care Management Systems.