In a recent CQC Inspection, a special note was made about our innovative paperless system. With all care plans and assessments carried out on the system, our staff can familiarise themselves with the client’s needs before they step foot on the property, giving them a head start, and the client a better experience.

The CQC inspector wrote:

“A new staff member had access to the mobile care system application and had read the care plans for people they would be caring for. “I’ve checked all the care plans and they have everything you could possibly need to know, I read them in advance. There’s a personal history, family information, their interests are listed…. I can go in and ask her about her art, her travels and her children, they are very thorough”.

“We saw, as previously mentioned in this report, that the provider responded very quickly to changes that needed to be made to peoples’ care plans. The medicines change that the registered manager was alerted to during the morning had been adjusted on the care system and medicines collected and new MAR’s provided in approximately one hour.”

Zoe Kelly, Operations Director at Good Oaks said “It’s fantastic that our system is being specifically mentioned as improving clients’ and carers’ experience, and improving our responsiveness.

“With further enhancements in the pipeline, we’re really excited about how we can continue improving the lives of our clients, while making our franchisees’ businesses more efficient and effective.