Good Oaks

Established in 2011, Good Oaks provides premium care for older people. We are proud of our reputation for quality, which is built on the value we place on each and every member of our team and our commitment to realise their full potential.

We are creating the next generation home care franchise. It is built on partnership, innovation and a deeply held commitment to transform the lives of families across the UK.


Our progressive management team is at the cutting edge using digital tools that transform care service delivery.


Because we’re UK owned and independent, our service has been designed for the UK. Without the overheads of a multi-national, our franchisees retain a greater portion of their hard earned profits.


We’ve created one of the best and most comprehensive support packages in the care franchise sector.


Franchisees have day-to-day access to Good Oaks Directors, who provide a valuable sounding board, helping them avoid pitfalls and overcome challenges.


Good Oaks Directors are involved personally in recruiting franchisees that share our commitment to care excellence.


We guide our franchisees through all stages of starting, running and nurturing their business. Through hands-on support, toolkits, face-to-face meetings and regular telephone contact, we support franchisees in compliance, recruitment, HR, financial management and marketing.

Meet the team

Good Oaks is a strong, well-resourced operation led by a progressive management team. We are committed to quality, innovation and working in partnership with our franchisees.

Ben Ashton, Director, Co-Founder

Ben is responsible for innovation and developing the Good Oaks brand. His ambition is to lead the sector’s premium care business, differentiated by its relationships with employees and franchisees.

Darius Mitkus, Director, Co-Founder

Financial directorship is the responsibility of Darius, who co-founded Good Oaks in 2011. He draws on digital tools to improve systems and maximise the efficient running of the business.

A day in the life of a franchisee

Anne Calderon, who with her husband George, owns the Good Oaks franchise in the New Forest, describes her day.

A typical day is a hectic day. I start by updating my ‘to do’ list, mapping out all that needs to be done, highlighting the priorities.

There are so many things to juggle running a care business. But client matters and the welfare of my team are always at the top of my list.

Most days, my Registered Manager or I travel to the home of a new client for an introductory meeting or assessment. We listen carefully to their needs and then draw up a detailed and holistic care plan that will work around their needs, preferences and best interest.

Staff recruitment is a further daily task. Finding the right carers is one the most important – and probably challenging – aspects of our business. It is a real strength of the Good Oaks brand that emphasis is placed on offering carers fair remuneration and an attractive package.

We use online channels to advertise for the carers we need. Having interviews with candidates is a key part of my daily schedule. Finding the right people is helped by my being a Registered Nurse. I also have experience running an employment agency for carers and nurses. Building a strong care team is the foundation for this business.

On Thursdays we use Good Oaks software to send carers their rotas for the following week. Other daily tasks include client invoicing – this is run using the same system. It is important invoices are prompt and accurate. We take care during assessments to agree all aspects of charging and then ensure there are no hidden costs.

I believe a caring business needs to be run by caring people. To find this work fulfilling you need a passion for helping others. But you can’t lose sight of the fact a care franchise is still a business. You need commercial discipline to meet regulatory requirements, manage cashflow and employment requirements.

Selecting the right care franchise is critical. We are very fortunate in having Good Oaks. They showed us great commitment in the critical early days. From their directors through to all their key points of contact they have been friendly and supportive.

Our team attended excellent residential and intensive Domiciliary Care training days at their head office in Poole. After that they have constantly been at the end of the phone. They really want us to succeed – this has given us great confidence.

They are pro-active in keeping us informed of regulation changes and tackling any problems we face. Their directors are at the end of the phone and always available to discuss any issues or challenges we are facing. I really feel we have a true partnership.

I am enjoying running my care franchise. It is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I have done in my career. I am very fortunate to be joined in this task by my husband George and older daughter Janica, who is our Deputy Care Manager. My middle daughter Amiel, has also started learning the admin part of the business. I am hopeful that our youngest son will soon also be involved.

My care business is the first thing I think about when I wake in the morning and the last thing at night. It is always challenging and demanding but also hugely rewarding.