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Our Team Leaders are our front-line managers. They fulfil a mixed role both providing hands-on care and supporting the Registered Manager to smoothly run the company.

They support their team of Visiting Carers to provide quality care in our clients’ homes by undertaking supervision with them, spot-checking, monitoring and mentoring them. New starters are also introduced to the care sector by our Team Leaders, who also assess them in the Community, to make sure they are confident and competent to work independently.

Their unique mixed roles allow them to quickly identify changes, reporting them and supporting us to provide a responsive service. Team Leaders meet with clients to gain feedback and report this to allow us to keep improving our service.

Because we always initially recruit from within for the role, our Team Leader positions provide a clear career progression path. The skills learned during the Team Leader induction and the experience gained by this role offers opportunities to move into other roles if desired, such as Care Coordinator, Trainer, or towards a management role such as Registered Manager.


Would I suit this role?

The Team Leader role is busy, with lots of different elements to it. Being to some extent the ‘eyes and ears’ of the company carries responsibility, and requires an eye for detail, proactivity and flexibility.

Being the first port of call for Visiting Carers means being able to build trusting, enabling relationships is essential. For this, skills such as communication, empathy and being able to motivate are important for the role.

Team Leaders need to be confident in knowing what quality care looks like. This means both highlighting excellent work being done and challenging bad practice if you see it.

A car is essential for this role due to the need to visit clients in their own homes.

I enjoy the variety of my day. The mix of hands-on care and more management tasks keeps me on my toes!

Jane - Team Leader
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Team Leader Case Study


What roles were you in before this role?

Before my current position, I was a Care Coordinator working in home care. I’ve worked in the care sector for over 20 years, both for private home care providers and for the Local Authority.


What does your job look like on a day-to-day basis?

As a Team Leader my day is very varied. I deliver care to our clients in the community everyday. I also provide our Visiting Carers with spot checks to ensure they are following our procedures but also to support them in their role if they are finding anything challenging. I audit care records to ensure our clients are safe and well cared for, this also tells me if there are any problems which I can report to my Registered Manager.


What do you enjoy about it?

I enjoy the variety of my day. The mix of hands-on care and more management tasks keeps me on my toes and gives me more of an insight into the Carer role than if I was just office based. I get to know clients and can quickly highlight issues during my day.


Is there anything you find challenging about it?

Organising my week sometimes is a little tricky, and depending on the needs of the service I sometimes need to meet deadlines with certain tasks which adds another element to planning my week!


What would you like to do in the future?

I am happy to continue as I am. I really enjoy my role and don’t see myself changing it anytime soon.

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