Eleven ideas to make your socially distanced Mother’s Day 2021 extra special

With COVID-19 restrictions likely to be in place for a while longer, how can we make our loved ones feel extra special this Mother’s Day 2021? With many of us still unable to visit our mums or go into their houses, how can we ensure our mums know we are thinking of them? Our top ideas will help you put a smile on everyone’s face and make the day extra special.

If you live close by and can visit on Mother’s Day 2021:

  • Drop round for afternoon tea – Why not grab a thermos of coffee and some handmade scones, cream and jam and go and have a socially distanced afternoon tea on the doorstep? Bring some chairs and set up a make-shift café. (*Socially distanced of course.)
  • Put on a show / travel the world – Have your kids been learning about different countries at school? Perhaps they have a favourite story they love to act out? Why not put on a show on the doorstep or get them to give loved ones a short lesson on their favourite subject at school. Perhaps they could interview their grandparents about what life was like when they were the same age?
  • Make a meal of it – Drop round their favourite meal. You could then schedule a mealtime to sit and eat it together over Zoom or WhatsApp.
  • Give a gift that grows – Why not get the kids involved in growing some seeds and take them round. If your loved ones are good on technology, you can always get competitive and see who can grow the biggest sunflower and send photo updates to each other.
  • Make a time capsule – Why not create photo album of special moments that have happened over the last year, you could add in pressed flowers and children’s drawings, as well as popping in copies of old family photos. Then when you go round, everyone can talk about their favourite drawing or picture from the book.

If you live further away:

  • Do a portrait online – Why not get the grandparents involved in art classes for the kids? You could set up a video call and get the kids to draw them, while you have a catch up?
  • Send a video message – Get as creative as you like: dress up, do a dance or sing a song!
  • Watch a film together – Do your loved ones have a favourite film? Why not agree to watch it on the same day and then have a catch-up call to discuss it. Some of the consistently highest rated films of all time are: Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Titanic, Some Like It Hot and The Lord of The Rings.
  • Have dinner together – Schedule in a time to have a meal together online, set a place at the table and pop the tablet or laptop at the table.
  • Start a family choir – Do you all love to sing? Why not set up a video call and get practising? If your kids are older and love Tik Tok, why not get your grandparents involved in the latest trend of singing sea shanties together? Sea shanty The Wellerman has been the surprise hit of 2021 so far, with people able to layer vocals and sing in rounds.
  • Send flowers / chocolates / a card – Everyone likes to know they are thought of, and there are so many flower and card delivery services available now.

At Good Oaks we will be making sure all our mums have a special Mother’s Day in 2021 by dropping round cards and flowers to those who won’t be able to see their families this year. Our carers are passionate about going above and beyond for our clients and are always looking at ways to connect families. So, we will be helping schedule in online video calls and messages to help people feel connected and we always ensure that our carers aren’t time constrained, so that if they know someone needs a bit of a chat if they are feeling lonely, then our carers have time to sit and talk and listen. We know the little things like that, really do make the biggest difference.  However, you are celebrating Mother’s Day, have a wonderful day.

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