Men’s Health Week June 14th to 21st, 2021 – “I really enjoy being able to make a positive difference in my clients’ lives.”

This 14th to 21st June is Men’s Health Week. The initiative, organised by the Men’s Health Forum aims to raise awareness of the health issues that disproportionately affect men, help men spot the signs and get help. One in five men will die before they are 65 and the project aims to change that statistic. The theme of the 2021 event is how do we move forward after Covid? The week is about encouraging Men to talk about their health, both physical and mental, and talk about how they are feeling as we enter into this new phase of Covid-19 restrictions easing.

Men face different health challenges to women, including higher incidences of skin cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, lung cancer, diabetes and kidney stones, as well as certain mental health conditions. At Good Oaks we are trained to help and support our clients with these, and we know from talking to our male clients that often the main thing they want is companionship visits and support – someone to talk about their day, the TV, the latest sport results or just about their pets.

Good Oaks Home Care has lots of male carers – our male clients tell us they often prefer a male carer to help them. At Good Oaks, we know how important it is to match carers with clients, so that everyone has shared interested and lots to talk about.

Carer Blake Miller, 21 from New Milton, mainly looks after male clients and helps with a variety of tasks including personal care, housework and companionship visits. His new puppy Luka (six months old,) has been a big topic of conversation with his male clients recently. He said: “My clients love to tell me about their pets they had, one gentleman had a whippet and used to tell me lots of stories about him. They love to hear how Luka; my cocker spaniel, is getting on. We chat about their hobbies and interest and what’s been good on TV - the companionship side of care is really important, especially if people have mobility issues and can’t get outside much. A cup of tea and a chat is really important and it’s hugely rewarding too.”

Blake has been with Good Oaks Home Care for three years and said he finds the job really rewarding. He said: “Being a carer is great, just being able to make a difference with more vulnerable people and help them, that’s really rewarding. I also feel really fortunate, because over the last year, when a lot of people were out of work, I have been really busy, doing something that I really enjoy and helping people. I enjoy my job and look forward to going to work – I’d definitely say if you’re thinking about becoming a carer to give it a go.”

To find out how you could make a difference and start a new career as a carer visit our Careers page and find out about the opportunities Good Oaks has in your area and the career progression and great rates of pay. Find out more here.

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