Live-in Care and Covid-19

What Personal Protective Equipment do Good Oaks Carers use?

We carefully follow Public Health England’s guidance on PPE. This means at the moment, our carers use disposable vinyl gloves and aprons, and follow strict hand-hygiene procedures.

How long can a Live-in Carer stay with me?

This is flexible, depending on your needs and the carer’s needs. During this crisis we are aiming to extend carer’s stays with clients to reduce the need for new people coming into the house. This means instead of the usual two weeks, carers can stay three, four weeks, and sometimes longer.

How quickly can you start?

We aim to start the same week you make the enquiry if that is what is needed, but we are flexible if you have a certain date you need care from.

Is there any way I can read the carers's notes?

Yes – we use a cloud-based care record system that allows authorised users to log in from anywhere in the world to read care notes, check how their loved ones are, and what they’ve been doing with the Live-in Carer.

Can I cancel Live-in Care after the shutdown ends?

Of course. There’s a short cancellation notice period you’d need to give, but we are very flexible should you no longer need our services.

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