How Does Live in Care Work?

Live-in care offers a real alternative to a care home. If you, or your loved one, would prefer to remain in your own home, live in carers represent an affordable option that is worth exploring. We offer live-in care to adults over the age of 18 who are looking for an alternative to residential care.

What is Live In Care?

Live in care refers to home care provided by a one-on-one carer, who comes to live in your home. One requirement for live-in care is to have a spare bedroom that can accommodate your carer. Your live-in carer will then live with you and be on hand around the clock to support you and provide care.

Because there is no big move involved, and you remain in your own home, live-in care can be much less disruptive than moving into a residential care home.

What can Live-In Carers help with?

Everything! Your live-in carers will follow your care plan and assist you with the aspects of life that you need help with. This might be anything from supporting you in making trips out to run errands or see friends, to helping you get ready in the morning, to full personal care.

You might be looking for help with preparing meals, or keeping the house clean and tidy, or you might need help washing and getting dressed each day. Our live-in carers can help you with a broad spectrum of daily tasks.

What happens in the initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, a member of our friendly Good Oaks office team will come and visit you at home. They will ask you about the help that you require, any medical conditions that you are living with, and get a full picture of how you are finding life at the moment and where you need assistance.

We will use this information to create a bespoke care plan for you, which you’ll keep at home and we’ll also keep a copy for our records. Your live-in carer will follow this plan and will make regular amendments to it, with your consent, if your care needs change.

We make regular review visits to ensure that your care plan is up-to-date and reflects your care needs right now. Throughout the day, your live-in carer will create care notes electronically, which are fed back to the office to monitor your care. Your loved ones will also be able to log in and view these notes. This can be really helpful for relatives who might not be able to pop over and see you very regularly, or who work in the day but would like an update on how you are doing.

The initial consultation offers you the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you might have about live-in care, your care needs, and whether live-in care is right for you. This can be together with your partner or family members. This gives us a great opportunity to meet them and learn more about you.

How will you choose a Live-In Carer for me?

One of the things we’ll do during and after the initial consultation is find out more about you. We’ll ask about your life history, your likes and dislikes – as well as getting a full understanding of your care needs. This helps us to build a picture of you as a person, which is helpful in matching you with one of our live-in carers.

We also ask you to complete a questionnaire, which we use in the match-making process. We ask all of our live-in carers to complete a similar questionnaire, to find out more about them and their interests. We find this works well and the bond that grows between client and live-in carer is often very enabling and special.

If for any reason you don’t feel you are a good fit with your carer, we will take steps to find you an alternative carer and address your concerns.

Does live-in care mean I can continue to follow my daily routine?

Yes! This is one of the biggest advantages of live-in care. Your live-in carer will work around you, making sure that you continue to spend your days as you like to. They are on hand simply to make life easier for you and to help you with the things that have become difficult in your daily life. Live-in care means you can stay in your own home, with all the things you love around you, and continue to enjoy home comforts.

In a similar way, your live-in carer will cook the meals that you like to eat and prepare hot and cold drinks for you, just as you like them.

Do I need to have a spare room to accommodate a live-in carer?

Yes, you will need to have a spare room where your live-in carers can sleep and store their things.

Do live-in carers take breaks?

Yes – this is essential for maintaining their well-being. As you can appreciate, our live-in carers need time off each day to recharge and to ensure that you are getting the best from them. This is generally two hours per day in the afternoon. During your initial consultation, we can work out if you would like us to provide care cover during this period. It might be that you don’t need help during this time.

If you do need support during your live-in carer’s break, this is usually covered by our visiting carers, who will come and continue providing care. Alternatively, if you and your family prefer, this period of time can be covered by a family visit each day or time spent with a friend.

If you need assistance between the hours of 10pm and 7am, this is known as a ‘waking night’. If this happens regularly, your live-in carer will be supported by one of our night carers, so that they do not become over-tired.

Do live-in carers take holiday?

Yes they do. It’s very important that carers take time out. We generally ask our carers to take off at least a week at a time when they book annual leave. This is so we can minimise disruption to your care provision. We will arrange for a replacement live-in carer to take their place for that week.

Your live-in carer will take some time to themselves to recharge and will return to you feeling rested and looking forward to seeing you again.

What makes Live-In Care a good option during COVID-19?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an increase in demand for our live-in care service. This is because live-in care lends itself to heightened security when it comes to hygiene, isolating and shielding.

Shielding with a live-in carer is much more feasible than trying to do so in a residential care home. 24-hour, one-on-one care means that you are able to greatly limit the number of people that you are coming into contact with on a daily basis. Furthermore, our live-in carers no longer take public transport on their way to you – we arrange private travel for them. You can read more about how we have made our live-in care service COVID-secure here.

How do I arrange live-in care?

Our friendly team would love to speak to you. You can find the contact details for your local office here.

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